World News:Disabled Kid takes India to Top in Chess Variants.

A Special kid of 10.5 years from India suffering from fatal disease has invented 3 types of Circular chess boards, which had led to 100 chess variants inventions and that took his country to top position in Chess variants inventions. His rarest of rare achievement despite suffering from extreme hardships is inspiring millions. An amazing kid from India has emerged as latest global inspiration as he has gone for rarest of rare achievements despite suffering from extreme hardships. Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati has emerged as a mile stone in the disabled world after Stephen Hawkins and Wilma Rudolph. Media world of India and globe quoted him as “Mini Stephen Hawkins” “Wonder kid”, “Genius”, “Latest Global inspirational Sensation”, “Rare Chess Prodigy”, “Amazing Whiz Kid”, “Golden boy from Jaipur”, “Gem of Rajasthan”, “Pride of India”, ” Chess sensation, who inspires millions”, “Another milestone in disabled history”, “Rarest of rare Chess Prodigy in unique, different and inspirational manner” etc in true sense. He has given a great message that even if disease cannot be cured it can be defeated. Knowing him in right spirit is itself an awesome journey of motivation and inspiration throughout the world. The amazing kid who cant walk from Jaipur has brought tempest in the world of circular chess and chess variants with his trembling fingers.He has left Sheldon Cooper far behind. (Sheldon Cooper: The man who invented 3 players’ chess and became global celebrity for same). Moreover with addition of 100 more circular chess variants, India must have emerged as undoubted number 1 in the field of circular chess variants. Further not only in the field of circular chess variants, with these inventions by the special kid, India must be among top ranks as far as chess variants are considered, even leaving the country Japan far behind. (Japan is known to be leader in the field of chess variants inventions).Imagine the level of his inventive instinct that he became the youngest patent holder in India and youngest disabled patent holder of world by inventing circular chess for 2,3,4,6 players at the age of 9 years and getting it patent in India. The beauty of these innovative circular chess variants is that its rules are based on existing chess and having more application and utility as he firmly believes that, “Any invention of chess variant must follow the traditional chess due to 2 reasons. Firstly Chess was invented in our country and secondly the invented chess variants must be friendly to existing chess lovers”


  1. Amazing Kid : Rarest of Rare Chess Prodigy: Kid is pride of India and Inspires World. Great News for World.

  2. Real Hero of World : Salute the kid, who is pride of India and Inspires World

  3. Amazing Kid : Rarest of Rare Chess Prodigy: Kid is pride of India and Inspires World. Great News for World.

  4. Big Salute and great respect for Real Hero who has emerged as Latest Global Inspiration and who is in true sense Gem of Rajasthan, Pride of India and Inspires Millions. Salute the Mini Stephen Hawkins :: Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati : Youngest patent holder of India

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