Word Games and Chess variants ft. Gotham Chess and Anish Giri

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  1. How to end stream? Ye raaz bhi usi k saath chala gya

  2. If you take the gold button, you gotta hide it. It says “GothamChess” on the front. What can you do? You can’t sell or something?

  3. Gay chess, Ne1 check missed by levy, samay had to sac an exchange.

  4. You should really check out Kung Fu Chess! It’s one of my favorite variants!

  5. Yes bro no bro.. bhai cringe lgta h sunne jis accent mein samay bolta h 😂

  6. What is the song in the beginning of the stream it's kinda catchy

  7. I really wish they'd played kung fu chess, would have loved to see that!

  8. how did you played absorption chess?? pls send me the link

  9. The word games legit made me laugh. XD

  10. what website are they playing these chess variants on?

  11. I love anish Giri so much
    So fun to even see him

  12. Samay do you really know chess?????? Oh pls

  13. Anyone knows whats the name of the website they used to play chess variants? I really wanna try some out.

  14. which site are they playing chess on?

  15. Dude you host shit , you have one power chess but offdays more . Keep calling more people who scammed your home in Kashmir

  16. whats that website where they are playing those variants?

  17. Gotham On Grasshopper Chess : Dimag Ka Bhosda Mat Kar.😂

  18. Levy: I want to see your golem become a half-golem
    Samay: For that you’ll have to beat it
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. Bhai aur levy ke sath video banao na please

  20. The way levy said" I don't rob house"was funny 🤣🤣

  21. On which website I can try playing these variants?

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