Why is Chess.com crashing?


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  1. Levy. Forget chess for a sec. Do you know that God loves you? Did you know that the force behind your success, along with so many other Jewish people has to do with your grandpa's, grandpa's grandpa's grandpa's ancestor who made a covenant with the creator of this universe? And that your channel and its 2.67M subscribers is just a residual side effect of this covenant? Don't forget to stop and thank God. If you are a sceptic. Go somewhere quiet and ask him to show you if he's real. He will do it.

  2. The Queens Gambit was definitely the first step to the globalization I mean Gen Zification of chess, On that wave, YTbers like hikaru levy, botez and others who partnered up with streamers who brought more exposure left chess with a larger fanbase igniting for a long time, after the twitch hype died down it was just being carried by the new audience who explored more types of content creators of chess from shorts to people like agadmator,

    especially Stockfish 8 and the other engines was a blast, It all led up to the point that Chess controversies actually became a thing on twitter and hence the Neiman thing, Etc etc Ludwigs influence again exposing chess to new heights

    And of-course exposure from the top G and Messi and Ronaldo who arguably the most influential people on the planet which just helped the exposure Mittens, Magnus losing lmaoo

    Chess has come a long way from being stereotyped by newer generations to being enjoyed like a normal hobby and also professionalized,

  3. That’s why I’m waiting for like 1 hour and still loading :l

  4. Stoked to see you having such great success Levy , its well deserved. Hope it continues. Cheers for all the amazing content!

  5. Reason for the chess boom: THE ROOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK

  6. What about how Andrew state raised in popularity in the last 6-7 months, and talked on chess 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. I started seeing chess on YouTube when that guy cheated, and then there was a video of how easy it was to pass a security check at the chess tournament. After watching those 2 videos, there were you and Hikaru, Magnus…

  8. 32,000,000 games?? I wonder how many blunders were recorded, if it was also a record?

  9. Also that one guy that starts every short with, “you have to know this” is getting a ton of views

  10. Discord also added a chess game for group calls and that’s what got me and my friends back into chess

  11. I switched to chess cuz I've spent so much time on old online games that are now obsolete and time wasted. Chess will always be around atleast

  12. I get more views when deadliest catch is on haha

  13. The real reason chess is exploding is… andrew tate

  14. ya bro I also started playing 1 month ago and I am enjoying it a lot

  15. Let's just not forget to mention the popularity of chess being increased because of many mentions of chess by the top G.

  16. so we will pretend that andrew tate had nothing to do with this, people are terrified to even mention his name because they dont want to be 'cancelled'

  17. Me and my friends have been getting into 4 player chess and it is seriously fun

  18. Levi honestly you deserve the recognition you are getting and whatever good things come with it. You are a great inspiration.

  19. That is their fault. they must have capacity for 10 times more traffic and they have huge profit from if they have subscription fees.

  20. Don’t be afraid to mention the MAN responsible for this

  21. me when this means my percentile in lichess is gonna rise:

  22. For people who speak spanish, Rey Enigma is a Good reason why they start playing

  23. What happens to my elo when the sever crashes mid game?

  24. i can play as a guest but they do not led me login with my paid account. What do you say to that?

  25. i think he forgot one big element namend Tate

  26. lmao stupid crashes ruining my 900 elo blitz game

  27. I downloaded chess on December 24 because of my brother, and got my dad, step-dad and friend to download it. Guys i’m sorry i think i caused this

  28. guys, it's time to go outside and play the real tournaments

  29. I think Andrew tate helped the chess boom as well.

  30. those stupid assholes keep costing me games. im whinning………..boom, that crapsite crashes and i lose the game. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I haven't noticed any streamers having problems with their games crashing; seems that they are given a special priority.

  32. I've been getting error 502 after every two 3-minute games and it's distressing, I've been a member for 13 years and I've never seen such a thing.

  33. I heard rumors of a second season of Queen's Gambit. Is that true?

  34. Win or lose I can play chess for hours, and I can't end the night without at least a handful of bullet games.

  35. dude you made half million dollar from youtube alone because of it 😉
    well deserved

  36. I started chess recently, for me it was youtube's algorithm fault. I was watching video's of polytopia (also a strategy game) and got chess videos suggested.
    After a video about openings from Anna Cramling I decided to give it a go.

  37. If a chess video like this is getting 1m views in 7 days then boom

  38. "Idk what these bozos are doing playing gardening games" I laughed at that for no reasom

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