Why is Chess.com crashing?


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  1. Shout out to Anna Cramling for her amazing content, the most recommended on my feed on both my YouTube accounts.

  2. I taught myself chess in 3rd grade sitting in the library reading the 2 books my school had on it. What brought me back was a LAWSUIT!? I really think that was the biggest thing to get people come back because people love controversy! Your videos are great to fall asleep to and have on in the background simply because you don't scream that much.

  3. I’m a junior in HS and I don’t know why but I’ve just been playing chess lately for no reason lol I made a chess account sometime in January and just started playing suddenly

  4. bro i knew u from the "and he sacrifices THE ROOK"

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  7. Big thanks to big daddy tate for making chess so populair

  8. People who pay a subscription should get a partial or full refund.

  9. Levi, YT algo recommended you.
    I enjoyed watching.

    Easy to start, 2 pawns forward then develop.
    I subscribed and downloaded and now playing.

    Im one of the new players

  10. Bc if the middle kids and high school kids💀

  11. dude, its because of Andrew Tate. That's why chess has gotten more popular than ever.

  12. I want to thank gothamChess for getting me into chess a couple of months ago I love it so much now

  13. i restarted playing chess after i saw your legandary "the roooooooook". Long story short. I play now against my GF

  14. I have a theory. A bunch of kids at my school play random games and it’s spreading around a lot. There’s a new game at school every week which everyone starts playing then fades out to and chess is currently booming at schools so I think that’s why it’s getting so popular

  15. In 2023, server overload is not really a valid excuse. It's not like you have to order more physical hardware to increase capacity.

  16. improve your shiotty server lol millionaire game with trash servers

  17. It has stopped crashing for me now but I keep getting games where there is another player that can control my pieces or resign my game etc. Anyone else experienced this?

  18. its popular because people hate that games are purely drove by chance

  19. Many players can play unlimited ganes!Not good any othersites not permit this!Now they cretae many fake profile and play with bots help!Put this men to pay and then you can buy more power servers!

  20. I recently started playing again after seeing some Magnus matches then kept watching him and others like Hikaru, Anna Cramling and Botez, and others as Chess kept poping up in the YT list 🙂

  21. If I pay for a membership for something, and the people in charge of that something continue to sell memberships to that thing and overloading the system, rendering that membership of mine useless to me, am I then still getting my money's worth? No!

  22. one of the most popular quiz show in Italy called "L'eredità" asked a question on Mittens and it was really surreal

  23. The real reason of this popularity spurt and server crashes is…. LEVY. Don't blame us.

  24. One point I would like to make is the reason for why chess is exploding right now. It's not because of Levy or Chessboxing, in fact most people don't know either or. A lot of 14 – 25 yr olds consume red pill content, eg. Andrew tate, sigma nonsense and ect. Chess is one of the things that is promoted, and is told that playing it helps you in life. Comparing life to a game of chess, being strategic. It is one of the games people play to self-improve. I've been playing since 2017. And out of all the random chess popularity explosions this is the most I've seen people with these "sigma","Andrew tate" or "litterally me" profile pictures. (I made a new account to prove this fact as all of them range between 400 – 1200 elo). As a result Levy gets all the viewership, and people think he is the one who popularized it. He is just really good at teaching, somewhat entertaining and sometimes funny, and that's why this dork gets all the credit. But we have to give him credit, because he is the one that gets people more into the game.

  25. Шахматисты всех стран, соединяйтесь!

  26. They're overloaded again. The Supreme Leader SAMAY must be hosting something again.

  27. bro ur vid is litterally on the official website

  28. I wonder I’d Andrew Tate had something to do with this? The millions of young men watching his content knows he plays chess and maybe they decided to start playing?

  29. This video is two months old and the site is still crashing. No complaints now because I discontinued my diamond membership.

  30. Think about this concurrently: Levy has gained half a million subscribers in the last month, out of the current 2.5 million he has. He's gained 20% of his subs in a month. This is legitimately insane. Ride the wave, Levy! Ride. The. Wave!

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