What if Chess had DLC? (Fairy Chess Pieces)

What if chess had DLC? These chess pieces are not what you’re used to. The normal chess pieces like the queen and pawn are fine, but what if we add the knook, the duck, the amazon, the grasshopper, or even a missile? Find out now.


– Music –
My Advice – Part 2

011 – Wigglytuff’s Guild Remix – (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon – Explorers of Sky)

Death Note OST II – “Semblance of Dualism”

Pandora Palace without the main melody

Undertale OST: 009 – Enemy Approaching

me listening to 1700 sea shanties

41. Moonsetter – Homestuck Vol. 9

Upward Movement (Dave Owns)

Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka – Johann Strauss II

Garfield 2 Game Soundtrack – Garden

Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack | Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

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  1. It has been pointed out to me that the grasshopper is actually a locust. In my defence: close enough, still an insect

  2. How do you have so few subs your videos are amazing

  3. imagine a chess game but only with fairy pieces

  4. Damn bro I can't believe Chess has DLCs now, next we are gonna have Chess microtransactions, can't wait for Chess to become a gacha game with wai- Wait that's just the Fire Emblem gacha game, lol.

  5. Hey, I have a question, where can I find these? I wanna make puzzles for all of them.

  6. This tactic is pretty flawed and will not beat vikram rahul abishek pranav rajesh's tennison gambit icbm variant

  7. chess but napoleonic (everyone has a gun)

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