What if Chess had DLC? (Fairy Chess Pieces)

What if chess had DLC? These chess pieces are not what you’re used to. The normal chess pieces like the queen and pawn are fine, but what if we add the knook, the duck, the amazon, the grasshopper, or even a missile? Find out now.


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My Advice – Part 2

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Death Note OST II – “Semblance of Dualism”

Pandora Palace without the main melody

Undertale OST: 009 – Enemy Approaching

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41. Moonsetter – Homestuck Vol. 9

Upward Movement (Dave Owns)

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  1. Oh, you like chess? Name every single chess variant piece (including the normal pieces)

  2. Here's a dumb one: The Chuckster
    It can jump up to 3 squares in any direction, this is unable to capture, instead, it may pick up any adjacent piece and throw it in any direction, capturing it and the first piece it hits.

  3. Excuse me, did you just call the chancellor a ÑÒÓĶ


    0:20 Why can't Black just respond with Bxg2, Rd5, or Rc6?

  5. Isn't the rose just a knightrider? You said the rider goes like a knight but can continue further on

  6. I had an idea just now for a chess piece that could move like a king but you can make it temporarily unexist for 3 turns then when it reappears any piece where it was gets took out

  7. Holy shit. I didn't expect to hear Moonsetter and upward movement on a chess video.

  8. Haven't watched the video yet but I swear by God, if the Knook isn't in this video I will commit not living.

  9. "Oh a Chess puzzle. Easy en- wait what are these pieces."

    -Random guy brought here by Youtube's crappy recommendations.

  10. i thought the grasshopper or locust chess piece looked like a jester hat, fitting with the whole chess medieval theme

  11. Imagine if there was a Amazon rider

  12. Wazir means minister in arabic
    We call queens ministers in arabic too

  13. I heard the PMD2 map screen drumbeat there!

  14. where tf could you even buy a fairy chess set?

  15. Plunder chess is basically the more tame version that includes the Amazon (you can capture a knight with a queen or vise-versa and plunder that ability and you can use it for one turn, allowing you to solo check the king)

  16. I made some:
    Cardinal: Bishop, but it can move like a King as well, allowing for it to change the color square it can use.
    Rider: Pawn, but upon capture, it moves forward like a Knight.
    Bodysnatcher: Knight but instead of capture, it swaps with the target. This can also include an allied piece.

  17. I had a piece concept unique to chessplus (tldr you can combine any piece except the king to combine their movement)

    The Parasite jumps two spaces horizontal/vertical or one space diagonal. It cannot capture. It can instead combine into an opponent (normally illegal) one space horizontal/vertical. While combined, the piece is controlled by both parties and can capture any space it can move or jump to. Only the parasite halfs owner can seperate them, and it can capture + be captured while combined by either team.

    It is legal to combine with the parasite voulentarily, and it does not become neutral if you own both halves. A neutral combo may capture the current players pieces in a self sacrafice. If you're into that.

  18. based list except knook is a 10/10 magnificent creature

  19. The waffle house has chosen its new host.

  20. Archbishop does have that fearsome power factor IMO. It doesn't sound like it should be that strong, but it's nearly a queen strength piece. Probably the No. 1 most underestimated piece in all fairy chess.

  21. The Ferz, Wazir, and Alfil are all historical anticedents to modern chess pieces. Actually Chinese chess has an alfil that can't go to the opponents' half of the board, and despite being hot garbage compared to a bishop it is sort of a useful piece.

  22. Re: all elementary leapers are 5/10?

    I kinda disagree.
    Ferz: 6/10. Intimidating despite being colorbound. Good piece.
    Wazir: 4/10. Too slow to be useful.
    Dababba: annoying to use. 4/10.
    Alfil: fast but annoying to use. 4/10.
    Threeleaper: fast but annoying to use. 4/10.
    Camel: Weaker alternative to the knight or bishop with its own personality. 7/10.
    Zebra: Somehow worse than the camel even though it's not colorbound. But very threatening on large boards. 6/20.
    Tripper: Annoying to use and that move is too big to be very useful on an 8×8 board. 3/10.
    Fourleaper: Again, too annoying to use and move is terrible on 8×8. 3/10.
    Giraffe: I guess it can do tactics but it is not intuitive to know how long it will take to get somewhere. At least it's not colorbound. 4/10.
    Stag: twice a knight with half the usefulness. Being stuck on a quarter of the board is not great either. 3/10.
    Antelope: Practically useless on 8×8. But we'll give it a 5 for having a move length technically equal to 5. Just kidding. 3/10.
    Commuter: This piece is garbage. It is stuck on 1/32nd of the board. I don't even care that it controls the center from the corner. 1/10.
    Fiveleaper: It cannot get to the center no matter where it starts. Garbage piece. 1/10.
    Ibis: we are gonna have to start naming pieces after dinosaurs if we can't think of any more long-necked animals. Can't get to the center and also colorbound, but at least it does something. But very unpredictable. 2/10.
    Flamingo: forking your opponents' pawns from the home row is ridiculous. 2/10.

  23. night rider:is probly able to kill a queen first tern

  24. I made a more interesting Amazon I call it Trinity
    Trinity is a knight rook and Bishop hybrid how can use one of the tree moves or use half of it and conbine den

  25. 0:50 a slave piece thats im scared ppl will say its unbalanced and is a bad idea

  26. i thought the queen could move like a knight until i looked it up

  27. I think a good idea for a piece would be a protector, any friendly pieces next to it cant be taken until the protector dies. Kinda similar to how a king cant take pieces protected by another king. Its far more limited than say protecting your rook across the board with a queen tho. The protector essentially gives every other piece a king limitations. But its distance is short and its movement limited to 3 spaces at a time. Its slow but combos with other pieces for a very strong attack. It essentially acks like a second king in a late low pieces game. Keeping other peices safe while your king can still stay out of danger. The only downside is the protector cant capture other pieces, it cant protect the king or pawns either. If a piece can body gaurd your pawns and king at once early in the game you cant be checkmated at all. Tho using bishops rooks and knoghts you could possibly protect your king but at that point …..why you woudnt likwly be able to win either and the protector could be beaten by knights easily. It go over any defenses. Another interesting piece would be an archer. It captures from range and cant kill anything in a circle shaped space area around it. However it doesnt need to move to capture. It needs to stay away from danger but at range it has less space until very late to actually stay away. If it survives its a decent piece. But it is kinda like a weaker queen. It has clear limitations but can still be very useful as it doesn't need to put itself in danger to take a piece.

  28. Fairy Pieces
    Where Chess meets Team Building

  29. Now I'm thinking of a different version of Chess
    Basically: it's regular Chess, but other you and your opponent starts with 4 cards. You draw another card every 4 turns (a turn in this scenario is when both you and your opponent move).
    When you can move, you can instead play a card. Cards might vary from "Gain a Rook", "Bring up to 4 points worth of pieces back from the dead", or even "Gain an extra row of pawns."
    Pieces you get from these cards can only be placed at your back line. If your back line is full, it has to be placed in the next row. Any opposite pieces will be pushed back 1 space.
    Upon playing a card, your move ends. Pawns from cards cannot double advance.

  30. Idea: unicorn
    Moves exactly like a Knight, but captures anything it jumps over.

  31. I made a joke since in school we had a pawn that was yellow tinted. Which we named Piss Pawn.
    It was basically a god. It could enter the fourth dimension and do anything.

  32. All these fairy pieces and yet none are actually called a fairy🥺

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