What if Chess had DLC? (Fairy Chess Pieces)

What if chess had DLC? These chess pieces are not what you’re used to. The normal chess pieces like the queen and pawn are fine, but what if we add the knook, the duck, the amazon, the grasshopper, or even a missile? Find out now.


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  2. Chess in ohio

    Add this to 5d chess and now you got a missile that can travel through space and time

  3. U mention each pieces from Ultima but not Pincer Pawn?

  4. My idea: add a gun
    Like the canon from chinese chess
    Just a rook but it needs a piece in front of it to capture

  5. From shogi, we have silver general, which can move diagonally one or forward one, and gold general, which can move one space except diagonal-backwards

    Then theres the chineese chess canon which moves like a rook except to attack it has to hop over a piece. I could never wrap my head around it properly

  6. i came up with the pawngun. literally it moves like a pawn, but can capture anything nearby it without moving to it, like its shooting a bullet at it

  7. I remember that i invented many bizarre chess pieces as a kid. I remember one, i just stacked two rooks on top of each other and called it a tower. I decided that it would act like a normal rook but when it was captured, only the bottom rook would die and the top rook would fall down on the square the tower was "disassembled" on and it would capture the enemy piece on it and would continue as a normal rook. Good times…

  8. Lore of What if Chess had DLC? (Fairy Chess Pieces) momentum 100

  9. "Redesigning Chess" is probably one of my favorite YouTube video genres

  10. The real missing factor in chess isn't the pieces. It's chaos. Imagine if you could pick up and move the pieces as fast as you can to do your opening, meaning you do not take turns. You only start taking turns when the first piece is captured.

    Now what if I told you when chess was intoroduced to Ethiopia, this is how they played it?

    From Wikipedia:
    "The play is much more sociable than is usual in Western chess, with all the bystanders (even, formerly, slaves) calling out their notions of useful plays and moving the pieces about to demonstrate. The customs surrounding checkmate are numerous. Dealing the fatal blow with a rook or knight is considered inartistic. Delivering the fatal stroke with a ferz or fil is more respectable; with a combination of pawns, even more praiseworthy."

  11. You missed the best dlc chess peice

    Shotgun King

  12. imagine if someone just makes a piece that's literally just how you play checkers called "Wheel", "Cart", and "Train"

    Wheel is the normal checkers piece, Cart is the king piece, and Train is if you fused the king piece with a bishop

  13. Did you know there's a mobile game that lets you make your own Chess content?

  14. I made a piece one time called the musketeer, it could move 1 space diagonally and could kill any piece horizontal or vertical of it without moving there, but after it kills it has to reload for 3 turns

  15. I thought it was the “lawn” leaper

  16. Back when I was in Scouts, we had a game called “scout chess.” You played like regular chess except you could fill your entire side of the board with any pieces you wanted in any positions.

    Oh yeah, there was also the “Pegasus move” which let a knight capture every single opponent piece simultaneously at any time (king included). Needless to say, white always won.

  17. 5D chess with multiverse and time travel

  18. the firs is just the advisor in chinese chess tbh

  19. 5:00 I know this song. Is from Garfield 2 The game. I used to play it on my PS2 A LOT. I have this song engraved to my memories. Have a like for that piece of childhood.

  20. The exicutoinor is two rooks slapped together but dies after 7 turns

  21. making new one up:

    Graveskeeper: can use the abilities of any piece of theirs that has been captured, as a comeback factor piece. Can't move until at least one piece is captured, but has the potential to be even more powerful than the queen by the end of the game.

    Midwife: can hop over pieces, and if it takes them can resurrect a pawn in the location.

    Spymaster: can't move directly, but can swap places with any non-king piece at any time. Basically operates as a shifting teleport waypoint that needs to be accounted for.

  22. Chess has become a trading card like

  23. The Squire:
    A Pawn that can move and attack the three tiles behind himself
    The Genie:
    Can jump and attack to any Tile that is exactly two squares away

  24. Have you checked Sirlin's Chess? aka Chess 2: The Sequel? It's a bad steam game but as chess it is super good.
    It gives chess 5 more armies to choose from with unique pieces and adds a few rules, like winning the game if your king crosses the middle line.

  25. I know nothing about chess, decided to watch anyways and then when Moonsetter started playing i realized why YouTube recommended this to me

  26. Sniper: take with out moving bishop like range.

  27. I'm really sorry, but does anyone know the music thats playing in the background of 2:55? I really like the song thats playing so I really want to know

  28. Idea: the executor, they can withstand one hit and which piece lands on it besides of the king will be tooken away. Would be powerfull if it lasts to the end game.

  29. Since I’m still a Kid (15) I’d say the First is the Guard:
    Only Moves along the Borders of the Board, but can Move an Infinite Amount
    Meaning he can Snap from One Corner to the Next (Unless he encounters a Piece that would be Captured Instead)

    Update: Second would be a Play on what I Sometimes call the Horse/Knight (being *Frog*)
    It can Move to One of the 8 Squares Surrounding any Piece
    And that’s it, no other Method of Movement or Capturing

  30. The anti-chess, the piece that moves like in checkers.
    That would be amazing.

  31. I thought of this piece called the poisoner that basically makes it that it can't attack a piece until it's targeted it and then the next turn it can be killed

  32. I've got a better idea we already have an established white and black faction that is pretty much the same , we need a red and blue faction that has new units and our grand strategy game is complete xD

  33. So once I thought of a knight+pawn peice that moved like a pawn and knight and it had a AOE infront of it too like a superpawn

  34. I think I have something like the laser chess abomination laser maze k think it was

  35. When i make up peices i like to make up rediculous and absurd ones. For example the cartwheel flips over whenever it moves, and can only capture a peice if it lands upright
    Or the ghost, which is like a duck but only you control it and your opponents cannot see. Trying to catch that thing is like playing battleship

  36. grasshopper is like a piece in chinese chess

  37. I made one but it ain't got a name yet:

    It only move the direction it can attack, no pieces available to attack means no movement, it moves like a queen too, but it can only jump over pieces of yours when they are in danger.
    An En passant will allow it to move like a queen on your very next turn.

    You don't start with it, to get it, En passant must happen (anywhere), then a queen trade (anywhere) right after. And if you're playing duck chess too, the duck must then get in the way of a potential king capture (any side, anywhere) right after. Its spawns on the closest opponent pawn to your king, capturing it.

  38. My idea:
    The Jester

    It can move in the way you want for any piece.
    Like: If you want it to move as a Rook, you can. If you want it to move as a Bishop, you can. Same with Knights, Kings and Queens.

    But. The twist is:
    It is removed from the board if there's a single enemy piece 1 space close to him.

    So basically. It's used as to sacrifice.

  39. Why not just do something simple?
    Both sides can move same time, but the moves aren't revealed until the end of the "turn".

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