What if Chess had DLC? (Fairy Chess Pieces)

What if chess had DLC? These chess pieces are not what you’re used to. The normal chess pieces like the queen and pawn are fine, but what if we add the knook, the duck, the amazon, the grasshopper, or even a missile? Find out now.


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  1. imagine people combining fairy chess pieces with fairy chess pieces

    imagine Capricorn + rose

  2. 0:18 Meanwhile Bishop about to kill Archbishop to prevent checkmate: NANI??

  3. You forgot "Jesus Christ" aka "JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FU-" Its basically all the chess pieces but combined and if it goes even near a piece or moves everything just… Explodes?

  4. What about camel which moves 3 squares forward and 1 to the side or wildebeest, a combination of camel and knight?

  5. You forgot the diplomat. The piece that instead of capturing another pieces takes control over them

  6. me trying to understand what is that queen that is upside down called also trying to calculate what its power if some of them are the same pic but with different powers:

  7. I made my own game chester cuz as a kid I thought chess was chest and checkers

  8. Imagine chess but with the mongal army

  9. The ferz was in old chess under the name of advisor

  10. Ah yes the background gameplay, I vividly remember chess titans. windows 7 chess game inbuilt. brings back memories. Purple Place, Minesweeper (randomly clicking squares). I used to celebrate beating the level 3 computer with the most accidental checkmate and then telling my parents how big of a genius i am. Good times :).

  11. What if the king moves like the queen but cannot capture the pieces. Would it be possible to checkmate this type of king?

  12. We need chess dlc, man. Also, it would be super interesting if everyone played with some sort of "personal army", meaning everyone plays their chess differently.

  13. Me and my friends play Anarchy Chess, you can add any or make any move as long as it isn’t gamebreaking.

    My favourite ones are

    Nuclear Submarine: if one player uses this, the other player will be asked if they also want to use it. If both players use it, it will result in a nuclear war and both players will lose.

    Advanced Mobility Tactics: Allows a chosen pawn to move in any direction. (Can be used more than once)

    Unholy Practices: Allows a chosen piece to capture a piece of it’s own color.

    Dizziness: by spinning your Rooks around really fast, you can make them dizzy and move like a bishop, and the vice versa for the bishops.

  14. Grasshopper Moves queenwise over one piece to the first cell beyond, capturing any enemy piece on that cell. [Dutch sprinkhaan, French sauterelle, Spanish saltamonte] [T. R. Dawson Cheltenham Examiner 3 July 1913.] èT.R.Dawson pages, Grasshopper chess
    LOCUST Any piece that captures by hopping over its victim. Draughtsmen and draughtskings are thus locusts. The original "locust" was a saurian grasshopper-locust, i.e. it had no travel move but moved only to capture by a grasshop over the victim.
    Therefore that's neither Grasshopper or the original "Locust", but a
    Grasshopper-locust Moves like a grasshopper but only to vacant cells, if its hurdle is an adverse man, the hurdle is captured.
    Grasshopper-locust is mentioned in "A Guide to Variant Chess: All the King's Men
    © George Jelliss 2002 (revised May 2002)."

  15. Dude, the wozir (idk how to pronounce it) is the arabic name for the queen. Didn't know it was this dogwater

  16. Holy hell! I love these pieces so much. The ICBM in particular is one I've been using myself since I was a kid, because I thought the bishops looked like missiles.

  17. 2:33 why isnt it called the bishook or something?, it sounds way nicer than biok

  18. Gonna give my opinions on all the pieces covered.

    Amazon (1): Pretty OP against a normal king, it covers a 5X5 square radius or 3-tile diamond radius around it, athe queen also has to maneuver around other pieces and has to put some effort into checking the enamy king, and it xant do it alone since the king can just kill the queen without protection, but the amazon can just jump around and it's covering radius is enlargened enough by the knight movement to be ale to checkmate the enamy king at a distance he can't escape from.
    Knook and ArchBishop (2): both very solid, the Knight movement in the knook covers the rooks biggest weakness of its own camaraderie blocking its path and also makes it unable tk be forked by unprotected knights while the archbishop also removes the bishops biggest weakness if being unable to switch colour, both are very solid and more balanced than the amazon due to neither covering a 5X5 radius.
    KnightRider (3): Given I like the Knight for its jumpy L's, giving the simple ability to be able to keep jumping in the same direction allows it to just sneakily jump around to try and pull off a sneaky move, thoughnon very big boards it can straight up check the king out of nowhere with chain jumps so if playing on a bigger board I'd suggest for it to be so the rider can only capture on the 1st and 2nd jumps, possibly the 3rd but it depends on the board size.
    Ferz, Wazir, and Mann (5): To believe the Ferz was the old queen is gut wrenching, they can be ok pawn represent but are otherwise useless, if thy had unique conditional abilities to make up for their lack of movement it would be fine, thought he Mann can be somewhat decent for scaring away pieces on rare occasions.
    Short rook (5): idk what to say about this one, might make for an interesting setup on a longer board but it's just kinda meh,mif it could promote to a rook under certain conditions then that would be cool.
    Roship and Biok (6): these are pretty funny as hell and weird to calculate but also make cool use of the concept of pieces being able to move but not capture on some spaces, but capture though not move normally on other spaces that isn't explored in any other vanilla chess piece aside from the pawn. Individually the Roship would probably be a better sniper than bishops since it would just slide around like a bishop till it suddenly pulls out a holy rifle, and the Biok (which I believe is pronounced Bih-uk) just diagonally tap dances like a bishop till it Rook-Kart style runs over an enamy, both have the positioning advantage/disadvantage of one of their pieces making their attack easier/harder to utilize sk I honestly think these are some of the best Faerie pieces.
    Gryphon(7): its split rook movement is pretty neat, and it can just move 1 square diagonally which would make it a bit more aggressive than the rook since it requires less effort tk get out since you can just move 1 pawn then move the Gryphon once diagonally before suddenly covering 2 long V's.
    Gonna cover the rest in a other comment for the sake of not making this one too beefy

  19. Knight + Knight = Knightrider
    Camel + Camel = Camelrider
    Alfil + Alfil = Alfilrider
    Dabbaba + Dabbaba = Dabbabarider
    Alibaba + Alibaba = Alibabarider
    Such riders bro

  20. I like the am(i)(a)zon. Amizon or amazon?

  21. 2:48 why does fate keep doing this to me

    again and again, homestuck chases me.
    I have no moves to make to avoid it.
    I can't fight it.


  22. 2:45 The opposite of the Gryphon is generally called the Aanca, which moves one square orthogonally and then moves like a bishop.

  23. bro just roasted every checkers piece💀

  24. I made one: The Clock

    The Clock can move to any empty square of the same colour as it is already on (meaning no captures from across the board) BUT also can move/capture like a King would

  25. The imposter: A piece that looks like your one of your pawns but is secretly on the enemies team, when promoted it turns into the enemy's queen

  26. hello! tis always nice to find more people in this space

  27. Ororbourus Chess Musketeer= Death

  28. I like how the rose moves, especially when it can move and end on the same square.

    Triple S Games usually says “You are not allowed to move a piece and end on the same square. It must stop on a different square.”.

  29. Checkmate 1 is not checkmate because the bishop can take the archbishop

  30. Imagine chess with fairy pieces with berolina pawns infront and the board sized accordingly.

  31. so the rose moves like a knight and then moves like a camel

  32. Ya se lo que hacen el bufon, la sepia y la flor

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