Weird Chess Variants

After a zany wager, Ian must reinvent the world’s most popular game!

Starring Ian and Chris
Editing and effects by Ethan Gelinas

“Living Forever” by JP De Ovando:

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  1. Ever tried Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth-Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker ?

  2. Chess 3.5 is gonna take off, I'm telling you

  3. Sorry to break it to you, but there already is a permadeath chess. It's called Fire Emblem.

  4. Good variants, but I prefer Illinois Chess. (Look it up)

  5. great sketch, though i don't see the last variant going anywhere

  6. A lot of people here should check out Bloodbowl.

  7. the sketch was just okay until the very last chess gamer.
    the perfection hit me out of nowhere, I was unprepared for the revelation of the perfect form of chess.

  8. Real question though: was that "what" at the end purple enough?

  9. Did… did you make a ska joke? In [current year]

  10. Is that… a bongcloud opening in the first scene?

  11. Chess as a service is only years away..

  12. Ska-punk is the greatest music genre and nothing will change my mind

  13. Next time you play chess, you should try conglomerating your pawns in to a mega chess-a-tron. Real power play, that.

  14. A little surprised there was no mention of 5D chess with multiversal time travel. It’s uhh… exactly what it says in the tin

  15. Okay that was good but how about purpler?

    I laughed loudly at that ending and now my cat is upset at me.

  16. Cylindrical chess. It's chess played on the sides of a cylinder. Everything moves the same, but now it can move to effectively the other side of the board.

  17. I think you have a winner what's the Elden chess XD

  18. and as always a 10/10 ending joke (bonus points for meta)

  19. For some reason I imagine with the lazy Susan chess a thing that you could do is that after both players make their moves you can spin the Susan and the players have to use the other guys pieces next turn

  20. Chessboxing is still the best chess variant. It's chess, but you can beat the tar out of your opponent once in a while.

    This is not a joke, look it up.

  21. Lazy Susan Chess actually sounds like a cool idea! Every turn spin the board to the other player. You have to get a checkmate on your opponent while you are both playing both sides. You don't necessarily want to attack all your opponents pieces, as they will be yours on the next round…

  22. I like chess as internet comedy content.

  23. Man why you got to hate on Ska, you're supposed to punch up not down, god i miss ska

  24. I have to say trial by combat chess might be pretty good if you were to replace real combat with a competition in a specific game like starwars battlefront 2 (original) where the attacker chooses the map, you might improve it more if there were some weapon requirements based on the piece type. For instance standard infantry for a pawn, sniper for a bishop, Engineer for a rook, etcetera

  25. Honestly, chess 3.5 sounds like a fun idea. The more valuable the piece, the higher the AC, meaning that you can take greater risks with your valuable pieces because if you play it right the odds are in your favor to survive. You could also make it so pawns are incredibly low AC but get a large bonus to attack rolls.

  26. Did you guys actually look into some of the chess variants that do exist? Monster chess might be one of my favorites. Great sketch guys! Glad to have y'all back.

  27. Should've invented my personal favorite: Chesskers

  28. My grandparents had a variant of chess where you could summon elementals using a hand of cards. They could only move on spaces of their element, so your fire rook couldn’t enter the earth part of the board.

  29. IKEA chess was clearly misrepresentation. You never need glue for IKEA stuff!

  30. Actual chess variant that my friend and I made in high school: When you take a piece, immediately put it on any open square, and it's still controlled by your opponent. Still playing for checkmate. Add a 60 second clock with 3 seconds deferral and you are in for a good time.

  31. trial by combat chess, so just chessboxing then? 😉

  32. What.
    There is a chess variant….
    Battle Chess.
    Why didn't you guys do that one?

  33. Bruh "that's the impression that I get" landed so fuckin well with me. Thanks gang

  34. One of my friends came up with a variant were every time you move a non-king piece it is replaced with the next piece in a loop. P-K-B-R-Q

  35. The "What" at the end, a long running Door Monster joke, almost made me spit-take.

  36. all Sam L Jackson came up with was chess on a plane

  37. Did you just throw shade at Reel big fish or did i miss something? xD

  38. You forgot 4-D chess.

    Now Real-Time Chess would have to be a computer game that automatically moves the King when in Check.

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