Weird Chess Variants

After a zany wager, Ian must reinvent the world’s most popular game!

Starring Ian and Chris
Editing and effects by Ethan Gelinas

“Living Forever” by JP De Ovando:

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  1. I actually had and idea a few years ago for random event chess
    so you and an opponent both come up with 50 random ideas each and write them as a list
    then once every so many turns one of you rolls a d100 to decide which event from the list happens to who ever rolled the dice, alternating who rolls
    it sorta self balances because if you add to the list "religious revolution your pawns are now bishops" there's a chance that your opponent might get that

  2. A fun variant that i've seen is where any piece can move like any horizontally or vertically adjacent piece of the same color (yes even the king)

  3. Mayan chess be like : 3, 2, 1, go, time up, no contest.

  4. i love that painting in the background, never remember what painter did it or what its called but love it

  5. that last line… i dunno, somethin about it… maybe they should’ve tried it a little more like Matt Lock?

  6. You forgot dragonchess, created by Gary gygax. It was in issue 100 of dragon magazine. There's a wiki page. Go look.

  7. whats the box with the people on it in the backround

  8. The reel big chess bit gave me the dumbest smile ever. nice one!

  9. Lazu susan chess could be really cool! Under some circumstances you're allowed to spin the board and thus swap which color you're playing.

  10. I remember there is a chess variant (I forget the name) where you roll 1d10 every time you move a pawn. If it lands on a 10, you remove the pawn and any adjacent pieces (regardless of color) from the board.

  11. that final line definitely could have been purpler

  12. How about bribery chess? Only your king is trustworthy, and you only have a limited amount of gold to spend to buy the loyalty of the pieces (contesting the hidden amounts of gold your opponent has given each piece).

    Pieces that have too much gold (which is hidden information from you) can spend gold on buying the loyalty of the poorest pieces during play, and can, after they have enough allies later in play, become opposing kings that pull each of the main opponent’s pieces (other than kings) out from under them?

  13. This channel can still produce quality content. Good to know.

  14. Sovereign chess is pretty good if nobody's played it, aka 112 peice chess

  15. The IKEA chess could be dangerous. Who knows what kind of weird monstrosity it could turn into? Like maybe a Jumanji-style chess game, where the board game comes to life and you have to win to make it end.

  16. These are great! (And we got another Ikea joke 😃) Great job, door monster!

  17. The bishop hold em version honestly looks like it could be interested… I love hybrid game concepts.

  18. This sounds ridiculous, but speaking as a former scholastic competitive chess player, this is completely accurate.

  19. Chess chess yeah chess games for All pieces you alternate between moving the giant chess set and every single one of the smaller chess sets until you win one of the smaller games or the large game

  20. The twist in (actually just checkers) is that you want to avoid accruing more kings, since that's makes it more likely one of them will be put in checkmate.

  21. There is a chess with wrestling involved.

  22. Ok but a "check as checkers" version where you can chain captures like checkers but all the movement is otherwise the same

  23. Was anyone else expecting them to do chess 5e after 3.5? It was all I could think about lol

  24. I was insulted by the dunking on ska but the impression that I get joke is fire

  25. Can't forget 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel! The developers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

  26. 5D chess with mutiverse time travel is kind of fun, you get good enough to win a game then forget what the heck you just did

  27. I built a lazy Susan chess board once. idk why it wasn't useful at all

  28. Really just checkers had me dying

  29. You should try 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel

  30. I just now realised that Ian looks like the man that currently carries a thing

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