Using How To Play Chess Variants Vice President Danny Rensch explains how to play Chess Variants on

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  1. When I try doing this from desktop it doesn't look the same and I can't find the option for 3 check. Would love it on mobile!

  2. No man in this world can beat komodo 10 64 bit quad cpu

  3. Danny you gotta work on clock, cuz it's too small to see especially when I am playing on spartphone

  4. Played bughouse with my friend last night and it was great fun, finally adding a teamwork and interactively social side to online chess! I just wish there were more teams out there to play and rating/stats/partners were tracked properly although I'm sure these things will all be added/improved 🙂

  5. I love how you need youtube videos to show how to use the website…a sure sign that the website is poorly built. Just go play in Easy, straight forward, simple.

  6. You might as well offer Shogi to

    It is similar to CrazyHouse and it was the inspiration for the its creation

  7. Why is no one playing bughouse on there?!?! Only good site that has it.

  8. Pretty good video , thank you . Any chance of making Shogi , Xinang Qi , or Makruk available?

  9. Few years too late but, its cool how the varients exist but… I sometimes would like to vs a computer.

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