Trump lawyer admits to crime, McConnell health event again 8/31/23 TDPS Podcast

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NEW SHOW: Trump melts down about life in prison, posts 31 videos / DISASTER: Trump’s lawyer ADMITS to crimes on Fox News / Mitch McConnell glitches again, suspected seizure on live TV / and much more…

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00:00 Start
00:24 Mitch McConnell glitches again, suspected seizure on live TV
06:24 DISASTER: Trump’s lawyer ADMITS to crimes on Fox News
13:10 Ted Cruz won’t let Biden limit him to only 2 beers
18:00 Trump melts down about life in prison, posts 31 videos
27:17 UH-OH: Dennis Prager agrees to interview with left wing progressive host
46:14 Disheveled swollen Trump pushes new COVID lockdown conspiracy
51:57 OOPS: Republican state rep arrested for voter fraud
55:37 Audience DISGUSTED by Dennis Prager interview

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Broadcast on August 31, 2023

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  1. Now, don't get me wrong, but a dream scenario would be if the party with zero sympathy/morality made fun of Mitch McConnell's health. Of course, I don't wish the hell that Mitch McConnell and his family are going through on anyone. But if Trump could mock the hero Senator John McCain, it is not impossible. I mean that in the MAGA cult there are plenty of potential idiots who can say what 99,999 % of the world's population would never express / Love from Sweden

  2. So NewsMax doesn’t allow drinking ANY real beer on the job and that’s fine. But a health advisor merely SUGGESTING that people drink no more than 2 beers a week for their health is the end of the world.

  3. Ceiling fans suck , they blow hot air around , don’t lower the temperature

  4. McConnell has looked like death warmed up for the last 20 years, he passed his use-by date a long time ago and needs to step down, no one is going to miss him and the public don't want and should not be seeing this display….twice already.

  5. I'm so "sad" about his deterioration.
    I'm glad there are others who can have compassion for this bastard who has caused such suffering for so many. On a purely human level, he probably deserves it. But fuck him.

  6. Please tell me you brought up the 2 articles Dennis Prager wrote about how it's ok to r*pe you're wife.

  7. Murdock was the one that put you in the presidency, Crump.

  8. My question here is about their conversation about gay men…the gop and right wing only against gay men, trans men and bi men? And they apparently have no issue with gay women, trans women or bi women?

  9. He better freeze before he goes to hell and burn!

  10. Leave minors alone. They aren't capable of making such huge decisions.

  11. Prayer is the either willfully ignorant or lying. It’s good to see people from different sides talking to each other but the invention of video smith the format of interviewing on tv makes prager look like he’s operating in good faith, when he’s really just making money on being a practiced liar.

    That’s the issue , it’s not any individual it’s the messaging apparatus that is designed to fight the common ways of dismantling bullshit.

  12. Do u think trumpzi will stroke out when he is either diqualifed from running or loses the election again?

  13. It's clear Dennis doesn't know any trans people. They probably don't feel safe around him. I really would love to listen to him debate this with a trans person.. I volunteer as tribute 😆
    I wonder what his opinion is about intersex humans… What determines their gender? 🤔 Should they be allowed to participate in sports?
    When he talks about God, is God a He? What makes God a He? To my understanding, God lacks a penis.

  14. Trump lost Georgia because people voted against him, it's not rocket science, we have to remember that he has the intellectual capacity of a third grader.

  15. He had a concussion in March due to a fall. He needs more time to relax & heal. He has better health insurance than the rest of American citizens, so oh he has been checked.

  16. Mitch has had many fall. Now he’s blanking out. This has been a progression. This man is I’ll. Seems like borderline abuse. Is he capable of making decisions or is he told what decisions to make? Have someone take his seat.

  17. Republicans go wild whenever their representatives say bullshit, son of a bitch, ass, etc. They just love to hear uncivil discourse like that. Trumpers go wild whhen he say 'bullshit'. They love bullshit.

  18. Dennis sounds so intelligent and then says “ Larry Elder”. Crazy.

  19. Does Dennis not know that Democrats are liberals and not leftists?

  20. Sure Dennis is an idiot but at least I think he believes what he says, and you can hold a decent discussion with him unlike many other right-wingers. I wouldn't be opposed to another interview

  21. McConnell is not everyone’s cup of tea politically, but it is very sad to see this elderly man in this state. His family needs to vehemently step in ASAP.

  22. it is not sad….it is reality….most over 80 have several problems….i am 72 and have decided to face my reality of being not able to do many things i used to….face it mitch, diane….

  23. Yeah let them run til their dead! Great job everyone who votes for this guy.

  24. You brought up 'ageism' as a negative? Isn't 'agisim' the notion that the older people get the less able they are to function both physically and cognitively? What are we talking about here?

    I'm of the left, but this fetish with various …isms is sickening. I'm a liberal and I'm an ageist. Both Feinstein and McConnell need to go, they are TOO OLD. People that old have no business in government.

  25. Regarding John Eastman: When you’ve lost Laura Ingraham on your right-wing wingbat talking points on Fox, then you’ve really and truly lost.

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