Trump lawyer admits to crime, McConnell health event again 8/31/23 TDPS Podcast

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NEW SHOW: Trump melts down about life in prison, posts 31 videos / DISASTER: Trump’s lawyer ADMITS to crimes on Fox News / Mitch McConnell glitches again, suspected seizure on live TV / and much more…

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00:00 Start
00:24 Mitch McConnell glitches again, suspected seizure on live TV
06:24 DISASTER: Trump’s lawyer ADMITS to crimes on Fox News
13:10 Ted Cruz won’t let Biden limit him to only 2 beers
18:00 Trump melts down about life in prison, posts 31 videos
27:17 UH-OH: Dennis Prager agrees to interview with left wing progressive host
46:14 Disheveled swollen Trump pushes new COVID lockdown conspiracy
51:57 OOPS: Republican state rep arrested for voter fraud
55:37 Audience DISGUSTED by Dennis Prager interview

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Broadcast on August 31, 2023

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  1. Joe Biden and is already a stammering old man too…both McConnell and Biden need to retire and focus on their health.

  2. Won't the Republicans let Mitch go. So he could spend his last days with his family?

  3. He needs to resign. 100%. It's not partisan.

  4. A seizure can look exactly like a stroke as my mom was experiencing them and after getting to a neurologist at a larger hospital got put on an anti-seizure med which ended her problems. The neurologist said because she had strokes in the past, the scar tissue can cause seizures later on.

  5. The bigotry of republicans never ceases to amaze me. So, your republicon guest seems to think that whatever he says should be the "truth"? "He is bridging the "gap" between left and right" David? No! He is using your popularity to his benefit. These cowards love attention & meddling into other people's lives. People they KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! They use already vulnerable and highly discriminated against, with the highest rate of murders, transgender folks to gaslight, enrage, and poison others against trans people. Look at his bigotry when he says; "cheaters can make great leaders" while focusing on trans genitalia, trans woman in cis women sports, trans people exposing themselves….. a bunch of cherry picked lies or maybe one in a billion chances that actually happened. The majority of americans have never even met an actual trans person in their ordinary lives. Republicans, have NO PLANS TO BETTER THIS NATION, no intentions to help unite our people against the real enemies, the real horrors & disparities in this world, no productive bills, inflation reducing ideas, climate change resolutions, legislative purpose, accomplishments, they've got NOTHING GOOD TO OFFER AMERICA! nothing! ZERO!
    All they can do with their bigotry is to cut taxes for billionaires that in turn bought Clarance Thomas (the most corrupt justice ever!), they are evil! They start culture wars with every minority group, setting us up against each other. Cruelty is the point! This Denis dude you had on today should be ashamed of himself! His partisan hack is so very obvious & quite ridiculous!

  6. Those "Trump in a Box" videos are completely bonkers. What a mess.

  7. geez .. trump has a severe case of diarrhea of the mouth….I'm really tired of his rhetoric…

  8. It's sad in many ways that Mitch McConnell is going through whatever this is still in office, in public. He is an old man who should have the chance to concentrate on his health, and if he is unable to make the decision to resign, the ones who love him should give him that advice. Same goes for anyone whose medical condition is affecting their work.
    On another level, it is sad that the society is hilding on to old relics of politicians instead of making space for younger generations. Change can be scary, but having a country be run by people fit for retirement homes is hella awkward.

  9. Sport that is gender neutral: Equestrian sports (and other animal handling). Any marksmanship. I didn’t even look those up.

    Doesn’t matter. It’s a non-issue. A person born male and now competing as a woman…that person is literally a woman, so it’s unfair to exclude her.

  10. Completely agree with the thoughts on fidelity and public office.

  11. It’s been recommended for decades DeSatan is a moron

  12. Old Mitch should get a thorough medical check. Not a routine medical examination. I personally think he has scaring on his brain from his fall ( concussion) now he has seizures. Real simple, that means that he needs to be medicated with phenobarbital or a Dilantin or depakote maybe klonopin all of which can and do have side effects some worse than others mainly sedation. I think it’s okay and time for retirement seriously. Same goes for Finestine excuse the spelling. Teddy Cruise is pathetic sip away Teddy sip away what an idiot. If you believe it your a fool prohibition was a failure. I believe it was an amendment in regards of alcohol consumption. I could be wrong. But we’ve done that they know better and if you fall for it I have a bridge for sale

  13. Really appreciate the conversation with Dennis Prager. So is the issue the age of the person who says they're not the gender they're born with?.. and if they decide to change when they're older.. Then is acceptable?
    He seems to be pretty religious and has attached that to his POV. If he's ok with adultery because David did it in the Bible, he seems like it might be ok to feed criminals to the lions as well.

  14. It's pretty amazing that he feels the need to explain what all American citizens should know. Like what super Tuesday is. However, his supporters probably don't know.

  15. 47:00
    It sounds like trump’s dentures are about to fall out of his mouth again. lol

  16. Let me say this if Trump don’t go to jail and is convicted I would have no respect for this justice system. Might as well burn it down. I personally would not follow any laws… what for? It’s toothless and redundant if he’s convicted and gets to go home, might as well let the proud fools out ect

  17. Maybe I missed it in yesterdays or today’s full podcast; but did David talk to Prager about Florida schools using PragerU Kids videos?

  18. Trump is so persecuted! Everyone is corrupt except him, and if we let all these corrupt politicians take him down or rig the election against him our country will become a banana republic.
    1/3 Americans are convinced this is true. Trump made this our collective reality and only the electorate can truly shut everything down. Informing our fellow Americans with facts and details will help them make the right decision in the next election and voting is where our power lies.
    Our government should be focused on making American lives better, but right now it’s about this grifter and his pursuit of power.

  19. Who cares what other people think of your marital status? How should it matter to anyone but those involved?

  20. So many jokes…enough to fill an entire SNL episode.

  21. You are NOT a Dr. it is NOT inexplicable, it IS a CLASSIC symptoms of Epilepsy, I have been dealing with it for over 20 years.

    If can be inherited, or caused by damage to a persons brain. A couple of months ago he felll, hit his head and his brain was swollen, that could be the reason.

    IF it was caused by a Stroke, they are caused by a blockage of a blood vessel in a persons brain, the damage is permanent and will show up in an MRI no matter when it happened, Epilepsy will not.
    Epilepsy is equivalent a "glitch " in the Operating System of a Computer, it does not leave permanent damage.
    The only way to know WHERE it's happening in a human brain, is to be wearing an EEG when one happens.

    The fact that they did NOT immediately call for an ambulance and take him to an emergency room is PROOF that they already know what it is causing it.

    Getting taking to an emergency room after a seizure? They check your vitals, take some blood, talk to you the send you home, there is absolutely nothing they can do to deal with it.

    About a year ago, my neurologist that works @ NYU LANGONE in NYC that specializes in Epilepsy, had me in a Hospital for a week wearing am EEG, she took me off my meds to trigger a seizure to see were it was actually happening and if anything had changed, it hadn't.

  22. I was having a bad day but the Ted Cruz story made my week lol. I love when the circus comes to town

  23. Why did you platform the culture war. Prager is literally propaganda.

  24. Hey David! Huge fan of you and your show!

    With that said … I don't like Prager at all … but he made some darn valid, solid points (that I agreed with, and that you were visibly stumped about during that interview (specifially regarding the lgbt community). You said you would research them, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Also, I'm more disturbed with your recent videos discrediting and disregarding Dr. Cornel West as a plausible candidate. You could say he has a tough shot because of running as a 3rd party candidate, but you cannot deny his knowledge, education, experience and relatability to the average American. If terrible, triffling Trump could get in, people minded, reform driven, Dr. West can too!

    It's quite clear you were mistaken when you counted Bernie out, and now you are making the same horrible mistake with Dr. West, a progressive candidate who is clearly against corporate greed and is for the people, but is not bought off by either of the 2 parties. Reconsider. He's more in favor of us, the people (even you, as a richer American than the rest of us). Again, still love you and the show! Thanks for your time. ❤

  25. tRump only hired the best and brightest lawyers like Eastman, Guiliani and Eastman. And by best and brightest I mean those willing to say anything for no pay, just publicity.

  26. Dude, please, please learn how to pronounce laura ingrahams last name.
    Its embarrising

  27. He really needs to go into retirement under a rock… Bad,bad man.

  28. How can you even claim it doesn’t matter. So stupid.

    Gender is not learned.

  29. This is the most centured country in the world we can't swear you have to watch what kind of bathroom when you're using and we have all the problems

  30. Anybody who served in the military and has traveled the world know that most countries bathrooms are unisex

  31. “Name a sport where biological sex doesn’t make a difference…”


  32. I can't even watch these Trump videos, solely based on him talking through a disgusting buildup of saliva. He's literally frothing at the mouth.

  33. It looks like an epileptic petit mal seizure. I had lots of them as a kid and I was "away" for seconds to minutes. He ought to be checked by a doctor as quick as possible.

  34. While I really think content is important, maybe if we normalized seeing naked bodies in non-sexual contexts, more like the Europeans, then the issue of who uses what bathrooms and changing rooms wouldn’t matter. Instead, we can thank the Puritans for this.

    And the LGTB+ community DOES NOT universally agree about trans issues. Transphobia exists amongst us, and many of us recognize the issue of trans athletes needs more conversation and has not been resolved.

    It is not surprising that someone who is so dogmatic in the religion, that Prager has SO much black and white thinking. Almost everything in the world exists on a spectrum, and our thinking and discussions should reflect that.

  35. Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden need to step aside. It's so obvious that they are mentally out of it. Our older politicians are so desperate to hold the spotlight for fame that they are putting themselves ahead of the country. Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden aren't the only ones who are selfish-there was also McCain and Ruth Badar Ginsburg. This is a problem that both parties have.

  36. So we just don't talk about the terrible information Prager U is pushing on children in Florida schools? @DavidPakmanShow you would allow him to officiate your wedding. If you had kids, would you let them learn his curriculum?

  37. Let me get this straight. They won't get rid of their ceiling fans cause it's hot in Texas, but they'll get rid of water breaks for people that work in the heat. Am I missing something?

  38. David, as a MD myself, I am suitably impressed by your medical summary. Everything You said is obviously correct as you consulted appropriate MD's
    I cannot stress the fact more that this is an ER condition that should be investigated post haste.
    This is in the patient's own interest and may prevent a catastrophic stroke with permanent dissabilities or death.
    To me, from the clips you shown I believe he gets these TIA 's probably more than anyone realises. It is possible to medically deal with that but not in Congress. He needs a full medical workup including all the tests and scans You mentioned.

  39. Dennis Prager, you do not speak for the entire LGBTQIA+ community. We aren't all unanimous on these issues, you are making up bullshit. We are a diverse community, not a cult. There are people IN this community who are transphobic, who hate drag queens (I am not one of them). There are people IN this community that think the situation mentioned (the trans woman who lifted 250 pounds more in the women's division) was fair, some think it's unfair. David is NOT unanimously transphobic according to everyone on HIS side. What utter fucking nonsense. Where? Where do you get these stats? It's fear and hate mongering. Also, something existing (sports divided by gender) does not mean it had a good reason to exist in the first place. So the argument, it exists so that means needed it at some point…again, BULLSHIT. Men's and women's deodorants exist, men's and women's screwdriver kits exist, men's and women's razors exist…necessary? The rest of this was reasonable but his insistence that the LGBTQIA+ is some sort of hive-mind unanimous being who never disagrees over anything is trash.

  40. Both Feinstein and McConnell should retire with some sort of dignity but both parties are more concerned about the vote than the health of their member of Congress. Very sad. Term limits needs to be implemented for all political positions. Thank you Mr. Pakman for your work and commentary.

  41. There is often a strangely hypnotic quality to Trump's cadence that's almost reminiscent of ASMR. I can't help but wonder if that factors into his cultish appeal.

  42. He must have breached the conditions of his bail!

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