Trump lawyer admits to crime, McConnell health event again 8/31/23 TDPS Podcast

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NEW SHOW: Trump melts down about life in prison, posts 31 videos / DISASTER: Trump’s lawyer ADMITS to crimes on Fox News / Mitch McConnell glitches again, suspected seizure on live TV / and much more…

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00:00 Start
00:24 Mitch McConnell glitches again, suspected seizure on live TV
06:24 DISASTER: Trump’s lawyer ADMITS to crimes on Fox News
13:10 Ted Cruz won’t let Biden limit him to only 2 beers
18:00 Trump melts down about life in prison, posts 31 videos
27:17 UH-OH: Dennis Prager agrees to interview with left wing progressive host
46:14 Disheveled swollen Trump pushes new COVID lockdown conspiracy
51:57 OOPS: Republican state rep arrested for voter fraud
55:37 Audience DISGUSTED by Dennis Prager interview

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Broadcast on August 31, 2023

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  1. Well, you Don't want Mitch leaving too soon- he is holding the reasonable Republicans together and without him tbere to stabilize, it may be way worse…

  2. Imagine if somehow there were "other" people who were goaded into being fake electors (scapegoats), how fast would they have been in jail??
    Ill tell you,, before the ink on their signatures were dry!

  3. Please ask Dennis about his views on incest

  4. Wow, Dennis Prager admits he's used the women's restroom?!? Omg he's a groomer rapist trying to prey on women!!!!! He could've sexually assaulted someone!

  5. "I've read that, I just think it's a lie"


  6. Saying people who has different gender identity are frauds is so ignorant thing to say. It makes me quite mad lol.

  7. David, as a trans woman, please let trans people onto your show to speak on trans rights from now on. You're completely out of your element here. And it's horrifying to watch you legitimize some of this shit.

  8. Wow they're actually still going on about Bud Lite. Congratulations on being a snowflake Ted Cruz

  9. Dennis makes numerous lies in this interview. He's not good-faith and treating him that way lends him undue credence. Let's start with chess. Let's review the data:
    (1) "the greater number of men at the highest levels in chess can be explained by the greater number of boys who enter chess at the lowest levels." Additionally: (2) "96 per cent of the observed difference would be expected given the much greater number of men who play chess. There is little left for biological or cultural explanations to account for." You can see this result explained in other studies (3), as well.

    Dennis lies about detransition rates. He says they lie. But where is the proof? There is plenty of evidence to suggest detransition rates are 1-2%. Here is some of that data; this meta-study finds that (4) "there is an extremely low prevalence of regret in transgender patients after [gender-affirmation surgeries]." Notice how Dennis deflectsd to Europe, claiming they've caught onto the lie. Here's data from the Netherlands:(5) "(98%) people who had started gender-affirming medical treatment in adolescence continued to use gender-affirming hormones at follow-up." And Sweden: "regret applications correspond[ed] to a 2.2 % regret rate for both sexes." And more importantly, as rates of transition increased, (6) "There was a significant decline of regrets over the time period." Other data (7) confirms this, finding regret to be <1%. This data ought to be coupled with the fact (8) that most detransition is external; that is, not primarily because of not associating with the affirmed gender, but because of other reasons like pressure, financial, sports, inability to access proper drugs, etc.

    I touched on the social contagion in the Swedish study, but here's a more holistic paper, which asserts (9) "Using adolescent clinical data, we tested a series of associations that would be consistent with this pathway, however, our results did not support the rapid onset gender dysphoria hypothesis." Much of the hype around this social contagion nonsense is built up by garbage bigoted narratives with entirely no basis in reality (10).

    Dennies lies about the rates of gay people in the population (11). While it is true that bisexual people have constituted the majority of the increase in lgbtq+ people (this doesn't negate David's sound point, though)-bisexual people are nearly 60% of the queer population-he lies about the rates of increase. Gay people were 0.8% of the population in the silent generation. Now they are 3.4% of generation z. Lesbians are no different. 0.2% then, 2,2% now.

    Additionally, I forgot to mention this, but it is important to say. Transgender people do not constitute a threat to anyone's safety in the bathroom. (12) "fears of increased safety and privacy violations as a result of nondiscrimination laws are not empirically grounded."

    Lastly, if you've read this far then I would be doing a disservice not to recommend this paper (13), which is the most in-depth coverage of the data regarding essentially every aspect of the transgender problem (apologies if that wording is awkward). Hopefully, this is rigorous enough to demonstrate to any sound individual just how driven by bigotry, nonsense, and lies Dennis' narratives are.


  10. Honestly i think sports is the only realm where the trans issue is the only place that it could be an issue.

  11. Second time in front of the cameras, how many times in private ..huh?

  12. McConnell is holding the seat until 2026 as the GOP wants. We do need term limits of 2 terms, end lobbyist, mandatory retirement at 65. No entitlements after leaving office and end stock trading.

  13. That Prager interview was surprisingly good hahaha

  14. Mitch McConnell is the reason for the attack on our democracy, he is solely responsible for the extreme right Supreme Court that took away womens rights to their body. I don't feel the least bit sorry for him, I believe he is getting what he created.

  15. No one cares if Ted Cruz drinks a case per day. Literally no one.

  16. I could not watch the Prager interview. I tried 2x & he is just so disgusting.

  17. My dad is a recently retired stroke physiotherapist of almost 40 years and once I showed him the first video, he said straight away that he thinks it's probably a TIA, like you said in the video!

  18. This shouldn’t even be a question. He served his cause for a very long time, but it is time to move on. This is ridiculous

  19. It looks very much like what used to be called petite mal seizure to me. I’m very familiar with it.

  20. Ok, conspiracy theory. This is an “invasion of the body snatchers” situation. It would explain how so many of these wack jobs have flipped positions on so many things. Good thing the organism that is trying to take over is incompetent

  21. Pacemaker battery ran down? Earpiece battery ran down? Senior moment? Nap Time?

  22. If they don't want to know is because they already know…

  23. In chess there are female-only competitions is because even though males have no advantage over females 'and there isn't a difference', it is still better for the female engagement of chess to have females compete amongst each other and crown a female champ. Not because of sex, but because of gender roles. If we had 3 genders, one could argue for 3 different chess championships. Even though none of the 3 genders have an unfair advantage vs the other two. So chess is exactly the example that shows Prager is wrong. It isn't about muscle mass or testosterone. It isn't just about fairness. It is about engaging all genders. If it was up to Pragar, he would ban female darts and female chess. And possibly female equestrian and female race car driving. We actually don't have equestrian right now. But one could make a case for having it. In fact, male artistic swimming would be a good example. This was a female-only sport. But arguably, males have some advantages if there were males and if they were allowed to compete vs females. You could actually make a case for allowing males to compete vs females, to get more male engagement, until there are too many males, and then gender segregate. And even what would constitute as a biological male and biological female sex is not decided on yet. The biology turns out to be more complicated than the sociological gender; genitalia, y chromosomes, sex hormones, people cannot decide on when a person is male, and when they are female. There is this guy called Ross Tucker who is a sport and performance psychologist, who had a blog on PEDs/doping and endurance sports training methods. He then talked about the Castor Semeyana case long before the US far right 'freaked out' on trans people. And the problem is still not solved. We also segregate on weight, age and disability. Or even regional, national, and continental competitions. And in all these, people try to 'cheat'. They try to trick the weight ins for boxing or judo. They try to beat their genetics using PEDs, which includes females achieving male level testosterone levels through PEDS. We have people lie about their age, though that would rarely occur. We have people try to manipulate their nationality, to enter certain competitions. And we have people cheating or faking their disabilities. And guess what, we also have males trying to compete as females. Nothing about this is shocking. And nothing about this affects how we should do sex ed on kids. Or what medical care we should offer, psychological of physical, to trans people.

  24. I worked in an adolescent inpatient psychiatric unit as a clinical social worker. Kids are LITERALLY killing themselves because their parents tell them "You are not a boy, you are a girl" and vice versa/ whatever. God this interview was painful to watch. Christ.

  25. Um, weasel, you’re right He’s a lawyer, you’re not. What. Exactly. Did. He. Admit. To?

  26. If trump is president during another pandemic I am more worried about him failing again, not just lockdowns but masks and vaccines .

  27. Did he just replay the prager interview? What the fuck

  28. If it would have been Biden it would have been a republican presidental degrade from hell. I guess some people dont get as much hate when health problem's happen that is un controlable and no one's fault but trmp and the right dont see it that way.

  29. Nature made me a boy well Nature made people alot of thing's and they change and do what makes them happy so why cant children be who they want and not be discriminated and hated on when all there doing is being honest and when no one is being hurt as long at the parent and therapist approves the child. This discriminative crap is all because of a bible and is only a problem because it goes against a close minded religion. I would rather see a child be trans than play football a dangerous sport that gets children hurt all the time sense it is so rough and brutal. I am am just using football as a example. The sport causes children to have to get surgeries that are painful so how is it any differant than getting surgeries to make your body look how you want to be a more happy with yourself if you choose too as long as the doctor is certified to do the surgeries. See it is all just negativety for being Trans plain and simple.

  30. Canada is a place who has common sense and is not a hateful selfish place. Dennis is just a trans hater plain and simple because of his bible religion and he is constant non stop negative about being trans. Being trans is a grerat beautiful thing and doest hurt nobody accept a miserable person who is selfish and mean.

  31. How would Dennis like it if someone came to him and said your not a Christian your a catholic. Nature made you a Catholic. see he would not like being judged like that so yeah lesson to learn dont judge a trans person for being who the are. Be fair and treat everyone the way you want to be treated which is respect.

  32. You are the one that sick I have absolutely not heard anything of what’s coming out of that mouth and before you preach why don’t you ask yourself where are your mouth has been?

  33. He’s paving the way so when he does lose which is inevitable he has an excuse he’s trying to put excuses out there that he’s a loser so they can overthrow the government

  34. never seen a innocent man with a perfect call wanted his trial to be delyed as much as possible

  35. Election was stolen. I saw the video that showed the steal. When went to looking for that video it had changed. The people changed just like all the other states that were flip states!!!!!!

  36. If this is a channel where the host can spread any lie or talk over the whole interview, I will not be watching. 36:57

  37. If anyone regulates the drinking of alcohol in Texas, it's the BAPTISTS..i lived in the Dallas/Carrolton area of Texas for 20 years..shortly before i moved there, the City of Carrollton BANNED bars or any alcohol within their city limits..the bars etc up and moved next door to Addison so technically no harm was done to the "drinkers" of Carrollton

  38. 20 seconds seems so long in this sitiation. Poor guy. 😢

  39. I think it's clear McConnell is a Democrat. He right up there with Joe Bribe'm,, Federman, and Feinstein. Pretty obvious he's switch sides!! LOL

  40. [7:00] Looks like you Fascists are trying to "find" away to imprison your opponents. Phucking Deep State Fascist!!! It's is Jack A$$ Smith that needs to go to jail!!

  41. Ted Cruz can't handle the world is globalizing and turning brown.

  42. He is terrified, it’s hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  43. They don’t even follow their own insane rules, by his logic every time I go to a concert or sporting event and a woman is in the men’s room because she didn’t want to wait online for the women’s room, she should be kicked out and ostracized and humiliated like they do to trans people. They say these rules of conduct, but they only hold other people to them, they don’t feel like they should apply to them. He thinks it’s okay for him to use a unisex bathroom, a bathroom still used by women, but it’s okay because there is a unisex sign up so that makes him sharing the same space a woman might use perfectly okay 🙄. The mental gymnastics these people put themselves through to make their bigotry okay is exhausting. He sitting their saying oh if you are against this you are labeled Transphobic, yeah well that’s because you are buddy.

  44. I'm so completely sick and tired of repiglican's, including their aides, treating us like we're stupid. He probably didn't hear the question because he was having a seizure. There's no point in trying to play It off because, listen up republicans- we're not the dumb ones.

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