Top 10 forgotten pieces! Chess variants of history

Welcome to the top 10 forgotten chess pieces! We visit several historic chess variants.

Chess has had a long evolution, and the pieces that we are used to today did not just arrive fully formed as we know them.
Many varied and exotic pieces have battled it out on chess boards all across time and space.
This list is a list of my favourites, ordered from weakest to strongest.

10. Elephant / Al-fil
9. Ferz / Advisor / Minister
8. Jester / Wazir / Schleich
7. The Man
6. Lion
5. Centaur / Princess / Archbishop
4. Unicornio
3. Empress / Chancellor
2. Aanca
1. Amazon

Some chess variants featured in this video:
Grande Acedrex
Capablanca Chess

Here are two very old games of Shatranj, featuring the Elephant and the Ferz, that I have covered in the past:


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  1. joke goes wild
    1:42 promoting 6 pawns to elephants left the chat (2:53 never mind)
    5:17 it's worth about as much as a king, expect it's not royal.
    5:34 thanks for the suggestion!
    Very Nice, but I think some aren't forgotten 🙂

  2. So you’re not gonna mention the zebra 🦓 and no one is going to say anything about it?

  3. The archbishop can also force unassisted checkmate.

  4. At first I was like yeah das rite Monarchy is for LOSERS!But then I was likeYo man now I'm sad can't believe you would say that after you'll was crying about Princess Diana. That was a body count of what 2? 3000 they weren't former royal 304s you wouldn't be able to handle that if that happened it was like the troubles except you'll brought that on yaselves to be perfectly honest. I don't see how she was supposed to be some kinda beauty queen I mean I know that Britts ain't the most attractive people but if she was a knockout I would hate to see YOUR MUM! ahaaah

  5. 𝖎 would love more videos of obsolete chess pieces ❤ thanks!

  6. In arabic countries we still call the bishop (alfil) and the queen (alwazir) although it looks like a queen lol

  7. The Jester is basically like how I was expecting pawns to be when I first started chess.

  8. Heyy, what is the chess software that you are using? I want to use it for a vidro project. Please help me out with this👍

  9. Well I can safely say I was not expecting the video to start with that

  10. Referencing 9/11 in a "joke" is NOT funny. Can't write the name I called you because YT auto deletes comments that contain the word. But, you're English so you'll know what it is. Begins with a "C". Thumbs down and blocked.

  11. It doesn't make sense that the strongest pieces are represented by female characters.

  12. The elephant evolving into the bishop is interesting because “alfil” is how you call a chess bishop in Spanish.

  13. I think Americans can win 50% of chess games. They just can't play with the black pieces.

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