Top 10 forgotten pieces! Chess variants of history

Welcome to the top 10 forgotten chess pieces! We visit several historic chess variants.

Chess has had a long evolution, and the pieces that we are used to today did not just arrive fully formed as we know them.
Many varied and exotic pieces have battled it out on chess boards all across time and space.
This list is a list of my favourites, ordered from weakest to strongest.

10. Elephant / Al-fil
9. Ferz / Advisor / Minister
8. Jester / Wazir / Schleich
7. The Man
6. Lion
5. Centaur / Princess / Archbishop
4. Unicornio
3. Empress / Chancellor
2. Aanca
1. Amazon

Some chess variants featured in this video:
Grande Acedrex
Capablanca Chess

Here are two very old games of Shatranj, featuring the Elephant and the Ferz, that I have covered in the past:


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  1. I like how this game started from one leap moves and arrived to pieces able to cover half the board by themselves

  2. The elephant is exactly the same as the 象 in Chinese chess. And 象 means elephant in Chinese. I just made the connection that the piece is literally called the elephant thanks to your video. I always thought it was another way to say bishop in Chinese or something. I guess this ties into the evolution of chess as it evolved differently in the East and the west.

  3. I rated this vid 9/11Fairy Pieces XBetza notation, value on 8×8 board0:34 Alfil (A): 1 pawn1:50 Ferz (F): 150 centipawn2:54 Wazir (W): 1 pawn (less than Ferz cuz Ferz has more forwardness, tho Wazir is better than Ferz in the endgame)4:37 Mann (K): 3 pawn5:36 Lion (CH): 4 pawn (it lacks of short moves)6:38 Archbishop (NB): 7 pawn7:56 Manticore (ympafsW): 750 centipawn (color altenator so it don't have mating potential)9:10 Chancellor (NR): 9 pawn10:02 Gryphon (FyafsF): 8 pawn (less than Queen cuz it's first step is shared)10:56 Amazon (QN): 13 pawnAlso how 'bout forgotten fairy chess problem pieces?Such as Zebrarider, Non-stop Equihopper, Vao, Rose, Moa, Contragrasshopper, Friend, Chameleon, Joker, Root-50 Leaper, Kangaroo, Loa, Mao-hopper, Andernach Grasshopper, etc

  4. Elephant (feel) is still the name for the bishop in arabic, and wazeer is the queen. Wow.

  5. All invented by the spoilt kids who couldn't win a single match with the previous pieces I bet 😂

  6. Man that joke at the start caught me off guard💀💀💀💀💀

  7. when Chinese Chess restricts the "elephant" and the "ferz ( commonly known as advisors)" even farther

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