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  1. Hate to backseat but the bishop jumpscare is a mate in 2, the opponent can block with the knight 😉

  2. Happy New Year, simp is actually really good!

  3. This game mode sucks. If you promote your pawn to the 6th rank to be a bishop, that means you can never have 2 bishops of a different color no matter which side did you start at, which means if you actually do promote it to be a bishop and it turns out to be a 2 bishop endgame, it'll be a stalemate.

  4. I like "This is a chess video" at the very beginning to avoid confusion

  5. missed opportunity to name this variant "Mildly Unorthodox House"

  6. You just ruined your opponent's life instead of a simple checkmate.

  7. How come its checkmate in 1 when the knight blocks

  8. Make sure to keep away from Kramnik

  9. Minihouse 100% WR
    Crazyhouse 100% WR
    House 200% WR

  10. I love the jumping out of nowhere mechanics like you are winning and suddenly
    "HelLOooOoooOoooOO" comes the rook

  11. So it's chess if it was mini shogi? Interesting

  12. Perhaps they call it the 7th rank because the board is actually the middle 36 squares, from b2 to g7? The notation of the moves seem to support this

  13. I'm guessing they just took a regular board and cut out the 1st and 8th ranks (and A and F files), hence the mistake of calling the last rank the 7th still.

  14. This and rifle chess are the best chess variants, IMO. Speaking of which, have you played rifle chess yet?

  15. Hey simp I know it’s complicated, but it isn’t ranks 1-6 it’s ranks 2-7

  16. It makes sense that you would be good at variants since you're always playing variants (even when your opponents aren't)

  17. The 2nd song of this video is Polumnia Omnia since it's not in the description as of the time of this writing for anyone who ask

  18. 🤔 This variant is probably a 100% win for white, with precise play. Well done! 🏆

  19. 4:15 if he traded you could have forked his king and rook with your outofnowhere knight

  20. 4:07
    If Bxc2, and Rxc2, then Nd4+ will be devastating for White.

  21. Just like how Crazy House makes Chess more like the Japanese game, Shogi, looks like they've made a Mini Shogi variant as well for Chess!

  22. 4:48 I don't get how that is checkmate. Can his knight not just jump in-between and delay it by one move?

  23. But why were there only 7 pawns instead of 8 💔

  24. The layout bears resemblance to Comouter Shogi, a simplified shogi variant for ai training. It has a 5×5 board with similar starting pieces and location.

  25. No disclaimer again?…. But that's my favorite part of the video!!!

  26. Why does it look like mini shogi(idk if it exist irl but I have a switch game with that)

  27. Don't worry Simp, you can become rich once you get sponsored by Manscaped

  28. 4:20 If you took the knight than rook takes bishop you could have put a horse with a fork and win a rook, you would have 2 rooks and 3 pieces while he would have 1 piece, lost a chance there

  29. I'm too drunk to understand where rooks came from… Fucking new year

  30. Hmm, you said you played a game before. But only 100% winrate at the end, when you usually say 200% when winning a second game.

  31. That Oggy and the Cockroaches house is the single most cultured thing in Chess Simp history

  32. That checkmate was unobjectively better.

  33. couldve take the knight on 4:14 bc if he takes back than you can fork his rook and king

  34. Pretty fun variation, but more weirdly is that you confused me like crazy with that Scaramouche theme as I literally came from the extended version posted here on YouTube. Thought it was still running in the background 🤣

  35. 4:21 couldve taken, he takes, and you spawn in a horse out of nowhere and fork the crap out of him.

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