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  2. How did Simp find the only 100 rated player who DOESNT move their queen?

  3. i love how you acknowledged the common fact that whenever you call a challenge "impossible", most of the time you end up winning

  4. That checkmate with discovered protection was clever!

  5. 3:05 I found
    if black king E8
    Qh5 Rd7 Rd8

    or Rg7 if black king e6
    Bc4 pg4 Qf3

  6. h4 doesnt stop anything… the rook can't take the queen, it has to move NEXT to her 😅

  7. Never thought about it before but why would chess getting solved change anything? No human can beat a computer anymore regardless

  8. that was a beautiful mate, the king right next to his queen

  9. I think you blocking the check at 2:10 made them realize they can block the attack on the queen, but maybe not.

  10. The way I interpreted this was completely different. Since Simp added the (not pawns) clarification, would he have to move his knights closer to the opponents queen every turn until they get captured or the game ends?

  11. Is Simp a woman? These end questions have me wondering.

  12. Thank you Julien Dubois for supporting the channel!

  13. If the opponent opened Qg4, Simp could move the Knight from g1 to h3 instead of having to blunder his queen, and would still be in the rules.

  14. You ended up doing exactly what the challenge wanted, and used it to your advantage, lol. Bravo

  15. "Jokes on you, I never wear any pants".
    With that, we learend that ChessSimp is scottish.

  16. "Double check, there is nothing I can move next to his Queen, this is a free move"

    Me: excellent, so you got his Queen now.

    Simp: "bishop f7, checkmate"

    Me: wh-

  17. interesting interpretation of the challenge

  18. I need to email you pants, the poor asians have to see you walking around pantless

  19. Nice to know he's so comfortable in his masculinity that he can wear kilts and skirts.

  20. It's like I always say: you can't be caught with your pants down if you wear robes

  21. Failed the challenge at the first move. Should have been forced to move the knight!?

  22. Moving a bishop from g5 to h6 is going away from the opponent's queen. wtf simp.

  23. I only see M3 for some reason?

    1. Rg7+ (1. … Ke1 2. Qh4# ) (1. … Kf8 2. Rxc7+ Ke8 3. Qh4#) Ke6 2. Qg4+ (f6 3. Qxf6#) Kd5 3. Qc4#

  24. “I never wear any pants.”

    The Simp Lore deepens

  25. There should be a chess bot that talks exactly like you do. It'd make losing funny.

  26. Niiiiice game. Very lucky Kf8 right at the end.

  27. So Simp is Asian and doesn't wear pants? He's Markiplier!

  28. Damn never knowing what a women is thinking is a dark future

  29. The discovered check into checkmate was poetry

  30. 5:19 its very simple actually: as a lesbian im always thinking of other women

  31. Video 137 of asking simp to play fps chess
    YouTube probably thinks im a bot at this point

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