This Chess Variant Punishes You For Taking Pieces

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Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intro – 0:00
Double or Nothing – 0:29

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  1. how is your videos o funny i laugh like at every 10 secs or smth

  2. 5:57 rook takes pawn king can't take because it would turn into stone and can't escape

  3. this guy plays every single chess variation. and i can’t even play the original one lol 😂

  4. imagine this comment gets pinned and martin is god of chess

  5. You should play crazyhouse there are some crazy tactics.

  6. Why didnt you play rd5 after he trapped your rook, and then when he takes its stonified?

  7. Bro looks like a pawn 💀
    Now get frozen and you’ll be the Medusa pawn

  8. This is the first time I've heard anyone say 'Let's move this pawn sideways' 😂

  9. ChessNuke, you are literally my favorite chess youtuber ever. Your videos are epic.

  10. chessnuke since when did u get so good at chess i am 400 ELO chess player

  11. You will never win a game of Racing king

  12. haha your username means THe chess community is nuked 💀 but good videos 😊😊😂😂

  13. If Martin plays Medusa chess, the chessboard is a stone and yet stalemate. Martin is too powerful 😅😅

  14. Why is ur name "Chessnuke" u never nuke 😏

  15. I’m pretty excited for the 100th video

  16. Next video: chess nuke plays nuke chess

  17. You will never win a game of King of the hill chess.

  18. 6 minutes into the video, opponent played …Rf6?? because Rxh3 was checkmate

  19. From the title I thought it's gonna be Antichess since u lose if u capture all opponent's pieces, or Kamikaze Chess since piece that capture is also captured, or Chameleon Circe Chess since if u capture opponent's Knight, it's reborn as Bishop which reborn (if captured) to Rook which reborn to Queen

  20. i just move knight back and forth until everything else gets stoned

  21. The fact that is you move the queen and mate the king in early moves.

  22. I bet you can't win your first Infinite Chess game

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