This Chess Variant is a KNIGHTMARE!

Hi Chess People!

♟ PGN:
[GameNr “56808223”]
[TimeControl “3+6”]
[Variant “Cross Derby”]
[RuleVariants “EnPassant Play4Mate PromoteTo=N Stalemate=loss”]
[White “ChessArtistCy”]
[WhiteElo “1523”]
[Black “Opponent”]
[BlackElo “1672”]
[Result “1-0”]
[Termination “Checkmate • 1-0”]
[Site “”]
[Date “Sun Oct 22 2023 13:08:12 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)”]

1. g3g4 Nf8e6
2. Nh1g3 Nd8c6
3. Nc1d3 Ne6d4
4. e2e3 Nd4c2
5. Ne1c2 Nc6a5
6. Nc2d4 c7c5
7. b3b4 c5d4
8. b4a5 d4e3
9. Nf1e3 Nc8d6
10. Nd3e5 Ne8f6
11. Ne3c4 Nf6e8
12. Ng3e4 Nd6c4
13. Ne5f7 1-0

🎼 Music (YouTube’s Audio Library):
– Sunshine – Telecasted



  1. I think its called Cross Derby because the board is shaped like a cross, and a derby is a horse race, signifying the extra knights.

  2. Interesting variant, with an interesting win. Nicely thought out.

  3. What is the app name and how can you do these arrows and dots😅

  4. I just came across with your video, keep up the good work,

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