They Won’t Let Trump Win | Dave Smith | Part Of The Problem 1032

Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave and Robbie discuss the many ways the establishment has tried to put a stop to Donald Trumps 2024 asperations, we watch a statement Trump released on his social media platform, and then we take a look at Tucker Carlson on Adam Corolla and his worry that the Powers That Be might handle him the way of JFK.

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  1. Hey DAVE b4 COVID was the NATION THRIVING under TRUMP?! YES! His COVID response was wrong but it's not like it was a yearly phenomena!! NO NEW WARS, SECURE BORDERS, GAS was a 1.90$ ect.ect The ECONOMY was incredible! But you nit pick on the 10% that he fkd up!! Haven't YOU DAVE ever fkd up and course corrected! He had absolutely "NO POSITIVE MEDIA COVERAGE" your smarter than this!!🔥🤡 FLA. had the most old people WE could CHERRY pick all day! The NATION was better under TRUMP just say it!

  2. YOU DEFINITELY have a mild case of TDS!! It oozes through my phone!! I still like ya for a 🐸👽🤡!!

  3. Trump listened to experts. Apparently they are all corrupt.

  4. Blaming Covid on trump is very disingenuous in a uniquely Israeli way. Trump picks who goes on Israeli tv? Oh I meant “legacy media” oy vey guys

  5. Tucker: "I know a lot of people who worked there (CIA)" Yes Tucker, your father worked there…

  6. I think a major difference between Trump/DeSantis in 2020 in reference to Covid policy is that Trump was in an election year with the media against him. That’s a pretty big hurdle in what you can/cannot do that DeSantis didn’t have to worry about with his election being 2 years away. That’s gotta get brought up in that convo at least

  7. What does Robbie do for this podcast again???

  8. Frankie and Henry: The Frenchie Connection says:

    Once you accept the fact that the United States neo cons, the saudi arabians and israel are really the ones behind 9/11. Anything is possible. Including taking out trump. They killed JFK and his brother ffs. The feds do not give a shit about laws or regulations.

  9. Just watched your comedy special! That shit was fire!

  10. Did Tucker just have some teeth out or something?

  11. Hey guys- how about a show with Whitney Webb? I met Vivek yesterday in Dublin NH at a house party- gonna vote for him in the primary. Best Wishes from a Pre Stater.

  12. The collapse did slow under Trump. But, it doubled in speed after he left.

  13. Romney said that we should be concerned about Russia during the 2012 debates and he was laughed out of the room

  14. I think Dave is right about Trump lockdown. But in world wide context it is very difficult to resist, and after 1.5 months he wanted to back out

  15. Tucker is wrong. Trump is not more popular with the broader electorate. 60% of Americans will NEVER vote for Trump. He lost in 2020 to a Washington insider who was half dead and didn't campaign. The GOP needs a different candidate.

  16. It’s so nice to see you calmly compliment people for coming around to your way of thinking, because so many abrasive rebels will cling to a counter narrative until others are won over and then get furious at those people for finally agreeing with them, like they’ve stolen the secret recipe and ruined the rebel’s lives.

  17. Trumps "data" doesn't just apply when you don't control for age, but when you also don't control for population. Florida had more deaths because they have more people.

  18. You did have to have a bill connecting you to your address in order to vote.

  19. Come on man, it’s bs to blame trump for the first yearish of Covid response. The problem was so insanely more complicated than that. They through everything they could at him, leading up to and through out his term and still, let’s not pretend this incredibly corrupt force isn’t doing everything money can buy to throw our wrench in the system and more off his game. Let’s put things in perspective.

  20. Wow so much bs about trump putting in fauci and that whole thing. No one knew how to handle that thing at first. Trump was our wrench in the corrupt system, crazy amounts more good, only term since ww2 not thrusting us in conflict. And pointing to, oh he had to trust some of the experts that he had available to him at that time in that corrupt liar at every turn environment?? How long did it take for him to start to figure fauci out? What about now after a full twilight zone, out of his hands term? He’s seen us all get 30% or more of our income stolen from us by bs mic wars and pharma and all the crooks that we are completely infested by. I think we have an even better trump now. His foreign policy was the best we’ve seen, no one has been more slandered and been so insanely good in so many ways. Uh and wtf RFK is a phenom. Vivek is insanely well studied and well spoken. This is the honesty movement, so let’s really be honest about trump and everyone, f party lines.

  21. The current leaders, including neo-cons, certainly don't want the US to be a Jeffersonian Republic, so why would they want to form other countries that way?

  22. I've pointed Trumps Covid failures to Trump supporters. I get a weird look like they never thought of that. He picked awful people. I'm not sure he'll ever be allowed back in the Oval office.

  23. Hey Dave. I love your content, and I'm a Mises Caucas libertarian too. I have appreciated your takes on the COVID thing, but I'm here to say that your utilitarian take on the results of pandemic policies is playing directly into the hands of the authoritarians. You, of all people saying that Sweden's success with their COVID policy is proof we should centrally plan a similar policy is going to be used for more top down authority. The true Libertarian point is that freedom is far more important than safety. You are implying (extremely implicitly) that you'd be ok with lockdowns if, on balance, they ended up saving some lives..

  24. I do sometimes wonder if it’s all just a show, and if trump is in fact an insider. I’m not saying that he is, but it would be interesting to hear that notion entertained from this podcast.

  25. It's possible that the assassination of Trump would lead to WW3.

  26. Trump treats everything like a business transaction. So good at getting a vaccine fast 😡, good at negotiating and deregulating, but not much else.

  27. I would vote for Trump only to stick it to the establishment. Which for me is a pretty big incentive but at the moment I am leaning towards Vivek.

  28. Trump is too easily flattered, he will hire anyone that tells him how great he is. Fauci convinced Trump he would be a savior to millions, so Trump went along with whatever Fauci said.

  29. Your logic is solid. You have a healthy, clear mind. Keep talking!

  30. Why would they assassinate him when he pushed their vaccine for them

  31. The special was shorter than I thought it would be.

  32. I disagree with your opinion on Trump locked down, He really tried his fool best, But what you didn’t point out is how everyone in his cabinet didn’t support him and keep licking to the media

  33. Dave, you make some great points about Trump. But what you are seeing is Trump supporters who see things black and white and are extremely sensitive to criticism of him, even if it’s valid. They will then flip the script on you, call you jealous, a hater etc. It’s like a collective narcissism, which makes sense when you look at Trumps narcissism.

    Dave actually wants to see things get better. You gotta hold who you agree with accountable as well. What Dave said is accurate. Defending and excusing what Trump did with lockdowns doesn’t help anything now.

  34. WE are not governed by a Monarchy. The person in the White House should be less important the those that are actually supposed to be guiding OUR Country in the House and Senate. Quit idolizing these people.

  35. Legion of skanks and gas digital are just holding Dave back at this point. the dead weight of the boys is probably making us wait longer between episodes on pressing matters while they discussed idiot stuff on the other podcast. Watching Dave on the Legion of skanks podcast have to dumb himself down just to fit in is kind of hilarious though.

  36. Are we forgetting trump gave Fauci an award?

  37. Yeah, and they WON'T LET TRUMP WIN IN 2016, but we see how that went. Either Trump becomes POTUS 47 or there's NO AMERICA. F**K that Manchurian Candidate evil moron pedo pretending to be POTUS, he was installed to IMPLODE AMERICA FOREVER. I have faith that God is with the American People and Donald Trump, and that we are going to beat the globalists, anti-American Communists/Democrat/Neocon Republican Uniparty and all TDS sufferers in 2024! WE DON'T HAVE A CHOICE!

  38. Knowing now what I know and having seen what I've seen, Trump never had a chance of assembling a solid cabinet. The RINO party was a bigger obstacle than the Demorats. Washington as a whole is a wasteland of swamp creatures.

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