The Worst Chess Game Mathematically Possible

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  1. I found a worse move at 4:30 sacrifice the queen by checking d4

  2. I wonder if theres a way to force self-checkmate, like by checking the opponent and their only way out it to checkmate you

  3. Black deserved to win tbh. What a game, really male me remind of my own style

  4. 8:35 Bro made a entire tournament and than said, "Which obviously you saw,"

  5. I bet I can lose to worse move stockfish bc you can check and force it to take pieces

  6. Some of these moves are so deep that not only do they blunder mate, they prevent the opponent from blundering mate too

  7. I can imagine the graph at the game review having a stroke

  8. The eval bar kept gong up and down.

  9. We wanted to see how many blunders, mistakes and misses 😂

  10. "Im not gonna repeat throughout the whole Video that its programmed to do the worst move"
    Proceeds to say it every 5 seconds

  11. almost gave me a heart attack,please stop goth

  12. 14:31 "Oh. There's a spider on my wall." just outta nowhere.

  13. The meter be going ☝️👇☝️👇☝️👇😂

  14. I think an even more interesting game would be if Stockfish (1) was trying to force Stockfish (2) to checkmate itself.
    Like, looking into the future as only a bot can and finding a sequence where the opponent’s only legal moves results in a checkmate.

  15. I did not consider how painful this would be to watch. This is art.

  16. that acttually looks like a very funny way to play with friends. Who can lose first?

  17. This was solved a long time ago, it’s basically just giveaway chess

  18. Ahh yes watch as the meter goes from +1 to +87

  19. The advantage meter fluctuates more than a thermometer in the midwest.

  20. Levy yapping about the best move in the worst chess game:

  21. Well. But is it the worst possible chess moves considering the opponent is trying to win or is it the worst possible chess moves against someone who is perfect and trying to lose?

  22. Technically didnt white win since they were both trying to lose? Lol

  23. That black and white disco was very fun.

  24. I want to do a game review of this game. anyone know where I can find it?

  25. yOu WeReN't PaYiNg ATenTTIon. WHo in there right mind is seeing that mate in 10, what are you doing if you see that?

  26. The Queen: Take meeeeeeee! 🤗
    The King, running away: Noooooooo! 😱

  27. Guys guys guys I think they officially found a bot that simulates my skills

  28. I hope they did not just pick the worst move visited by Stockfish on a regular exploration of the game tree, because it is often pruning bad branches very early, so the WORST move would not be visited at all. Also, this is not really solving "worst chess". It is as much "solving" as always taking the best move, what stockfish does. So yeah… not very accurate

  29. I guess Stockfish here chooses the worst possible move assuming that its opponent plays best possible chess. But is that the right assumption? For example, hanging your queen is not a bad move if you know that your opponent is not gonna take it.

  30. Why do the engines take any pieces at all if they try to play worst possible? I don't get it. At 13:42, the pawn could promote on d1, but instead captures the rook on e1. How is this worse?

  31. this is literally me and my friend playing chess

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