The WEAKEST Fairy Piece

The soldier is the weakest fairy piece as it can’t form chains and has only 1 directional movement, unlike the other pieces.

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  1. I can't wait for this chess dlc to come out

  2. Wait, whats a fairy piece? How can i play with them?

  3. Is that the age of civilizations soundtrack😭

  4. Bullshit. I want to see numbers. Calculations.

  5. You just eliminated like every piece for an easier vid

  6. bro this what happens when you add gen z to chess

  7. Damn the pawn named luffy and he is going to be king of the pirates ☠️ 😳

  8. Türksün sanırım. Destekler bizden aga

  9. I didnt even know all of these variants existed, just the normal roster

  10. Looks like a video from 8 years ago lol

  11. this gives me the same vibes as those PVZ2 videos about "who's the strongest plant" and i don't know why

  12. The offering (mayan chess) : are you challenging me?

  13. Chess

  14. NO, amazone is not strongest piece the grasshopper is strongest piece because grasshopper jump any where and any distance as a queen and amazon has only ability to move like queen and knight.

  15. Then I tested 48 soldiers vs a regular army

  16. In my opinion: the weakest piece is the Alfil.

    Reason: Soldiers can promote to other pieces, just like regular chess pawns. Alfils can move backwards and therefore do not promote. These very weak pieces can access only 1/8 of the board.

  17. there is a chess piece stronger than the amazon and it is the canon. It moves like a rook, bishop, knight, and it also moves like a camel.

  18. Did you know that an Archbishop can checkmate alone too?

  19. The Soldier is definitely not the weakest piece. Far from it.

    The weakest piece is the Zero. The Zero is defined as a (0, 0)-leaper. It is not useless, as it allows you to effectively "skip a turn," but it is definitely the weakest piece, as it has no other utility whatsoever, and can be captured.

    Also, the anti-Soldier and anti-Berolina Pawn are both also weaker than the Soldier, since they can only move backward, theoretically.

  20. Now i think the strongest is a mortar, it moves like the amazon and a camel

  21. whats the difference between stone general and a normal pawn

  22. Do keep in mind that the Berolina Pawn also cannot create chains

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