The Top 3 First Moves In Chess

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  1. I like queens โ™Ÿ since I'm only about 200-300 elo my opponent which is also about the same ratio might not see my ๐Ÿ‘‘ protecting it I never go for king pawn or horsey first

  2. They are not the top 3 first moves they are the only first moves

  3. For me itโ€™s d4 not sure why I chose this over the kings pawn e4 but for some reason I like how it gets the game started for me of course my opponents will try to pin my Queen side knight so Iโ€™ll also move the pawn to a3 this is a couple moves after the opening a lot of the GMs donโ€™t seem to worry about their opponents pinning their knights right away because their opponents are busy getting their pieces into play itโ€™s only the players I encounter online that seem to be into these little petty countermoves to cause frustration if my opponent allows Iโ€™ll move both my center pawns up two to control the middle of board if he takes my king pawn Iโ€™ll recapture with my knight than concentrate on getting to his king

  4. "The 3rd best first move is to move the knight to f3"
    Me who always did that and didn't know it's on the 3rd place : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘

  5. I hate bongcloud coz it disallows you to castle and your king is more checkable

  6. I perfer b3
    Followed up with Bb2
    All those are almost certainly after it

  7. thanks it help me to much now I can beat my dad hahaha ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  8. I never used the first one, but always used the other 2. Didn't know they were so popular

  9. d4 opens up the king's left diagonal, making Qa5+ appetizing without something like c3 to block it.

  10. I am a beginner and I usually prefer London move

  11. We all know the best moves but what about the worst moves

  12. For me itโ€™s e4 kingโ€™s pawn because the sicilian defence is the best opening move for me so yeah

  13. I always use the final move, literally the first thing I do is to move both horses. I actually eat 60% of the pieces when I use this technique

  14. My fav opening is just e4,d4 develop both knights

  15. I thought the English would be more popular than the Reti

  16. Literally last week i learned how to play chess, am 26 years old ๐Ÿ˜….
    Got to say it fun, strategic, requires great amount of focus, very challenging.
    Enjoying it.

  17. english opening player hereโœŠ

  18. I like A4 or h4 because it helps rook to get out

  19. My top go-to move is to insert a wireless device up my cavity to face any pogchamp, Magnus included

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