The new 5D Chess variants look amazing!

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  1. Could you make a video to explain why the Standard: Turn Zero board fixes the Qxf7 sac problem?

  2. I will be streaming the new variants a lot starting later today, see you there maybe!

  3. weren't you the one who recommended that new variant with the defended pawns

  4. Why do they come up with all these new Gamemodes instead of simply making turn zero not appear on the timeline so the first turn you can time travel to is turn one? I mean you could keep Standart as "Classic" in the game but I think It would be a simpler fix… Even though I won't complain if I get more Gamemodes out of it…

  5. The Princess variant I feel is the greatest new addition.

    The Queen in Standard is just too powerful, and it's the reason why the game ends so quickly in 5d Chess. I understand having the abilities of the Bishop and Rook, but why the Unicorn and Dragon too? The combination is just too much, the game becomes about who can activate the Queen first, and that makes White have a much larger advantage than they should. The Princess is far more manageable.

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