The Most Flexible Chess Variant

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  1. win a chess game as a 500 rated played (normal chess)

  2. Please don't speed it up like this, it's giving me an epileptic attack and I want to continue to be able to enjoy your videos, because I like your content.

  3. If you are not gonna edit the moves, could you put them in the description?

  4. why speed through the steps ;-; I like watching

  5. That's not a fast forward if you send up cutting off 15 moves

  6. You were supposed to fast forward, not skip 41->57 move…

  7. Even the intro is the best 🙇🙇🙇

  8. Ta-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra!!
    Stando powah of fasto fowarudo

  9. I literally have been working during the weekends making a website for this exact thing for the last year.

  10. The editing was awesome for the trades. I would have like to have seen a couple pauses during the endgame though

  11. Hated the fast forward, tbh

  12. Huh, you may think that no one slows down your fast forwards, but I did. And what I saw at the end was sad to me.

  13. so i watch this video with the purpose of getting triggerd cause duck the disclaimer however i got triggerd by the fact that i didnt got triggerd however i did get triggered by the fact that i could see the game cause everything just teleported so idk what i was watching and u winning is not something new so ehm yea hope u read this and get triggerd have a trigger day

  14. That was an exercise in how quickly can you take in a position

  15. There are another variant where you set your pieces (and pawns) however you want, but you can´t see what the paid actor is doing, when both are ready the barrier disapear and both can see the entire board.

  16. This variant has a lot of potential, "I'm better than my viewers" kind of potential.

  17. I seriously don't understand why you're fast forwarding through sequences like this. At this point it seems like intentional rage bait. No one likes it.

  18. Setup chess, but you don't skip nor speed up the video.

  19. I thought this is the variant where stockfish plays

  20. Why can't this guy make a 4+ minute video for once?

  21. I played this Variant and I can say, that this win is quite respectable!

  22. There's a skip between move 41 and move 57.

  23. Why the f diid you skip 90% for the video? That was way too fast, you couldn't see what happened

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