The Most Flexible Chess Variant

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  1. While funny, please do slow down to a pace that a non-AI can follow. πŸ˜…

  2. Fun stuff, but why not more pawns?

  3. Instead of editing the fast forward, just press the next move button a few times. It takes less effort editing, and it lets us see what happened in the game.

  4. This is kind of like β€œI’m better than my viewers”, except this opponent is not a viewer, and half of the setup has your input.

  5. Really loving this chess variants series. Keep it going king.

  6. Well, if you think that playing with only diagonal pieces would give you a win, you already lost

  7. That is actually genius, I think they literally would've had a better chance at winning if they had only Knights, because Bishops on one color only doesn't do much.

  8. You should really know we'd watch a 10 minutes video of chess
    No more than 15 tho

  9. I feel like I've heard that song at 0:11 but I can't recall where

  10. Setup chess, but you're not a coward: you put the king on the 3rd rank

  11. I think out of all the variants Simp is best suited for this one, as all he has so much practice thinking about random setups from showing how he is better (or equal to) his viewers.

  12. love how he took five moves average to trade a single piece

    (or pawn)

  13. Not sure it's out there, but I want to see "First to 15 points of material wins; checkmate is alt win"

  14. "until 2 hours ago" too much prep time Simp is OP unfair advantage etc etc

  15. 0:50 Bro the subtitles spells pawn as "p**n" πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  16. I wonder what the next variant will be. I'm aware of 4-player chess, 3 check chess and King of the Hill buy I forgot all the other variants.

  17. Fast forward with a skip…
    I hate the skip…

  18. if you're going to fast forward through most of the game, include the starting FEN and move sequence in the description so we can at least go through it ourselves

  19. 100% win rate in every new gamemode is suspicious. It can have thousands of explanations.

  20. Simp may not have played this variant before, but remember he absolutely played similar games in "i am better than my viewers" in horrendous positions.

  21. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined … went 0.25x just to realize….
    Mr Simp has fast forwarded over 15 moves without showing them πŸ™

  22. These fastforwards, especially the one at 3:19 are missing frames, so we can't see what happened if we go frame by frame.

  23. Excuse me, but this should be rather called machine gun chess after what you did.

  24. I'm pretty mediocre at chess but did the opponent not blunder right in the opening? After Nxh3 if they just did Bxh6 into Rxh6 THEN took Bxh3 into Rxh3 into Bxh3 Rxh3, they would have 1 fewer bishop but Simp would have 1 fewer rook, which would give the opponent a +1 material advantage instead of the -1 that they end up with after this series of trades. And more importantly… simp would only have one rook for the rest of the game, which also means that Kg2 would've prompted a defensive move from Simp (moving the rook back, most likely), losing tempo on his attack plan. And further, this initial capture would've deliberately traded off a dark square bishop, which the opponent should've been fine with losing in this series of exchanges anyway.

    If someone can explain why I'm wrong, I'm very interested, because it seems like it was just purely boneheaded by the opponent

  25. Me: with that exposed king, Simp should start setting up rooks.
    Simp: change of plans, let's go rook. His exposed king is my advantage.
    Me: Ah, I forgot that he's better than his viewers

  26. This variant is quite dope, I want to see more of this Setup variant.

  27. Too many fast forwards. This was essentially a "This is my setup. I won with it. The end; no play time for you".

  28. Imagine being such a zoomer that you clicked on a chess video bur couldn't watch 15 moves fast-forwarded

  29. Me: wow that's some crazy fast forward, I'd actually like to see them one by one

    changes playback speed to 0.25x

    Me: holy shit..

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