The Most Confusing Chess Variant EVER

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  1. This is actually quite intersting, as the safest spot for your King is to be right beside the enemy King.

  2. Ah, so the "100% win rate" is gonna become a running gag

  3. in light of oppenheimer, you should play los alamos chess

  4. Is nobody gonna talk about the "polumnia omnia"?

  5. Bro used genshin impact boss music in the beginning and thought nobody would notice

  6. Why did you hide your elo through the game, but show it at the end?

  7. Im push queen pawn until it gets captured then queen kills enemy queen pawn

  8. Pokémon Chess. The question will then be if simp knows the type matchups.

  9. disappointed he didn't use intercontinental ballistic missile to win the game

  10. Title : Atomic chess
    0.00001 sec into video : Japan 💀💀

  11. A curious game. The only winning move is
    checks notes
    Kings can touch

  12. At 2:30 you should have played Bg4 then Be2 then Bxf1 exploding the king by force

  13. lol, bleeping out half of the word cockroach is funny in itself.
    Just yesterday I was watching some video from Eminem ft. Dido – Stan… They bleeped out words like "shit", but left in all the references to death and scd and cutting himself etc….

  14. For those questioning the 100% win rate, the old games were before he started identifying as a simp.

  15. If you don't have any experience, why don't you play against the computer?

  16. Cough Cough Bosnian Ape Society*Cough Cough*

  17. Wait till he plays giveaway. I can never win that mode

  18. funny how the strategy of atomic chess is basically avoiding war until suddenly all hell breaks loose

  19. I understand, that it means 100% winrate ON THIS CHANNEL, but using semantics this way is something a coward would do…

  20. Players should be allowed to capture the enemy king with their king as a forced draw. You can call the move "mutually assured destruction"

  21. Sees the thumbnail
    Hovers my mouse over the video
    Sees the first 5 seconds of the video
    Ah yes, we're going to play atomic chess on earth board

  22. rather than atomic, more like its su*cide bombing due to how small the radius of the bomb is

  23. this one is interesting. that knight attack sounded awesome

  24. Simp was completely lost after Move 2 to Ne5 followed by Qh4, Qd5 threat! smh at the 1726

  25. I wish there was a way to play Knightmare Chess online.

  26. The moment he said August 6 I knew that he was meming the Hiroshima. Kind of makes me sad, but dang it’s oddly funny the way he presented it

  27. And Nagasaki?
    There were two bombings: one Hiroshima and one in Nagasaki. Why does some many people forget about Nagasaki?

  28. 1.Nf3, f6 was good but after 2.e3,Nc6 you did a blunder, what white nedded to do was Ng5 trying to go to f7, but if you take there is 4.Qh7+, g6 (unic move) 5.Qd5 so mate is unstopabble threatning Qh7# or Qxd7# by exploting the king. And yes, I'm a paid actor.

  29. Do you have to have premium to play this? Because I can't find all these variants I see on youtube

  30. nice one, let's hope next time we get to see you get 200% win rate with a little luck

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