The Man – Top ten forgotten chess pieces! #7 (chess variants of history)

Welcome to the top 10 forgotten chess pieces! We visit several historic chess variants.

Chess has had a long evolution, and the pieces that we are used to today did not just arrive fully formed as we know them.
Many varied and exotic pieces have battled it out on chess boards all across time and space.
This list is a list of my favourites, ordered from weakest to strongest.

Seventh place:
The Man

Some chess variants featured in this series:
Grande Acedrex
Courier Chess
Capablanca Chess

Here is another chessmess video, featuring Courier chess:

And the chessmess playlist for ancient chess and chess variants:

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  1. कौटिल्य षडयंत्र (Channel Shadyantra) says:

    Unfortunately,, we all talk about Chess Variant. But Chess itself is a variant of Dhyut or Shadyantra. Instead of researching further on Dhyut, world is busy in creating new variants etc..

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