The Italian Chess Variant

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Xomu – Last Dance

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  1. Three bro unpaid actors? It's more likely than you think.

  2. You now have earned the title of Caesar.

  3. The fact that pawns promote to a centaur on the fifth rank is genuinely terrifying.

  4. Video 103 of asking simp to play fps chess
    I feel like YouTube is blacklisting my comments lol

  5. Yo, 3 games in a single video, is Simp learning?

  6. Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon co-op mod releasing the 29th

  7. Love you simp. Keep up the good work❀

  8. This entire video is a geometry dash reference

  9. As an italian, i want to be invited to the proposal in the colosseum (l'ho corretto, smettetela di scrivere AN)

  10. We got robbed of our favorite part of the video: the disclaimer

  11. If your GF says no, she's blundered a king

  12. These opponents somehow looked even worse than the common 100 rated guys. Anyway, sweet 300% winrate

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