The Italian Chess Variant

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  1. I like how you never bothered to learn the name of the piece and just called it “New thing”, especially because of the end.

  2. ahhh yes, the infamous rub icon river flowing through Italy

  3. 300% win rate? Lemme see your maths teacher

  4. First ever chess simp video to play 3 matches?

  5. The string of jokes at the beginning were amazing, peak

  6. simp proposes

    gf rejects

    simp uses seismic toss

    its super effective

  7. The pawn promoting into such a strong piece that early is kinda OP^^

  8. 3 Games in one video?? We are eating good today! (^_^)/

  9. finally, we get 3 videos in one. 300% victory for viewers

  10. These variants are so bizarre, I'm impressed that anyone at all is playing them

  11. one of the worst castles of all time just dropped

  12. We should do an intervation to help chess simp with maths

  13. This variant looks really fast paced ngl, you should play more if a video ends quicker than it should! Or just a compilation or shorts for the channel!

  14. New short idea: bullying people at Rubicon!

  15. new thing is called a general according to the editor

  16. Can I steal your propose idea? it sounds very effective

  17. He won in a very wild way.😯
    I can't wait to play this Variant.😏
    I am calling the new piece😎:Kinight.🤴🏻⚔️

  18. Multiple opponents on one video ? We clearly crossed a line.

  19. As a math teacher, your % calculations makes me both happy and sad.
    Happy because it's funny.
    Sad because I know too well that some of my students might not get that it's actually a joke.

  20. Ah yes, who could forget that famous moment when Caesar crossed the Rub Icon?

  21. I wanted to see that winged bishop dragon thing in action 🥺

  22. Oh man, this was just as brutal as my Italian animes

  23. Rubicon is a popular brand of juice drinks here in the UK. So whenever I hear the word Rubicon, I just think about mango juice.

  24. I'm going to guess the pawn promotion on Rank 5 is meant to be a reference to Caesar bringing his armies across the Rubicon into Italy and officially kicking off the Roman Civil War, and this is why the variant is named after the river.

  25. 2 games in a single video? Is this my birthday?

    Wait, what? 3 games? Is it also christmas or something?

  26. simp didn't say they're not paid actors so they are paid actors

  27. He started the 4th game and he probably lost so there are only 3 games in video

  28. France is the country of wine, America is the country of pizza. Change my mind.

    Also Chess Simp is a geography casual. Doesn't know how to pronounce Rubicon correctly, does not understand its significance in Roman history.

  29. General: moves like a king and a knight.

  30. you should do a "play until I lose" with this

  31. Always good to plan ahead for when you future girlfriend rejects your proposal

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