The immortal chess variant | The game that impressed Bobby Fischer | Smashing the rock with one hand

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The game description
Wilhelm Steinitz vs Rock
London 1863
Chess variants (000) • 1-0
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4 Bxb4 5.c3 Ba5 6.d4 exd4 7.0–0 Nf6 8.Ba3 Bb6 9.Qb3 d5 10.exd5 Na5 11.Re1+ Be6 12.dxe6 Nxb3 13.exf7+ Kd7 14.Be6+ Kc6 15.Ne5+ Kb5 16.Bc4+ Ka5 17.Bb4+ Ka4 18.axb3# 1–0

Please watch: “Fighting The Gambit | Blackmar Diemer Gambit, Lemberger Countergambit, Sneiders Attack”



  1. What a great game! Really I enjoyed to watch it and listen to Mato's comment!

  2. You are right, mato.
    It is like that in life.

    Thank you my friend 🌿

  3. Wowww wonderful game,with 1.5 k views up to now with no dislike, superb.tq mato for presenting it to us.

  4. Another saying:
    "It's not the size of the ship or the length of the trip, it's the motion of the ocean".

  5. Amazing victory against Dwayne Johnson.

  6. Did he calculate all the moves after the queen sacrifice? Amazing.

  7. ohhhh wooowww…rook less..queen less but still winning..very nice play..

  8. At 3:33 did you mean pawn takes knight checkmate? You actually said pawn takes pawn.

  9. I hardly comment Mato but needless to say you are great and your chess lessons is glamour and soave. I rate this game in the hall of fame because the winning team seemed like having seen the victory even before it happened and the loser by default couldn't help but follow the dramatic strides to end of which he actually didn't lose but participated in the victory. It would have been a misdemeanor if the game didn't end this way. I duff my hat.

  10. What amuses me is that if there was a rook on a1 which had never moved, the final move would still be checkmate BUT it would be double check. Just nerd things…

  11. "Believe it or not, this position had never been seen before." LOL

  12. Fascinating attack. But, why no rook on a1? Various positions never seen before! Yes, even with rook present, it would be surprising that the position at 0:34 had not been seen before (or should that be b4?), all the more so since it's considered now the Evans Gambit- it turns out my Welsh compatriot sea captain and inventor William Davies Evans' game in 1827 had another 4th move (castling), then went down the Gambit line. That's according to Wikipedia. There is a video on youtube of the Evans-McDonnell game, stated as 1829, and with the same opening and 4th move as here- there seems to be some confusion. Have you done a video on the 1995 Kasparov-Anand game with the Evans Gambit?

  13. Great job Mato. Anyone who downvotes this doesn’t like chess!!

  14. It's also amazing that he won the game on the left side of the board, where he was at an inherent disadvantage from the very beginning.

  15. Poor Steinitz. He missed out on double-check mate due to rook handicap.

  16. The exact same was played by Paul morphy in 1857 vs NN

  17. one of the best ever game…thank you mato….

  18. I saw the d×e6 move. I didn't even pause the video for it. Great video, Mato!

  19. Great game, thanks Mato… But I wonder one thing, if b4 wasn't seen before this game, why we call this position Evans Gambit today? 🤔

  20. Dear Mato, please tell me how do you manage to record screen and audio at the same. I wish to record Accounting and Finance tutorial videos. Please some one help me with this.

  21. It's not always what you have, but how you use it…

  22. What a beautifully executed checkmate. To sacrifice the queen and pull the king all the way to the 4th rank, completely cornered. Amazing.

  23. Published July 18 2019? Mato is looking great! It must be the French gambit, that starts cherchez le femme!

  24. One of the best games from early Steinitz! Nice greatings from Opatija, dear Mato!

  25. Emmanuel Lasker used to give knight odds to a friend and always win. When asked how, Lasker said, "He never moves his QR or QN. I am not giving him knight odds. He is giving me rook odds."

  26. Steinitz smelt what the rock was cooking 10 moves ahead.

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