The End Of Magnus Carlsen?

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  1. I couldn’t remember my google password for chessly but in exchange I liked the video when I’m usually too lazy 😂

  2. Thanks for your free course Levy and I love you by the way you did something that no one else does you are very a good human and generous.

  3. Omg he lost 2 in a row!

    .. Me losing my 97th on 100 games…😢

  4. Just commenting cause maybe it makes up for me not watching after the third game. Luv You bye!

  5. Love ur content, unfortunate i dont have the time to take chess more seriously atm or i would be buying all ur courses, but i do enjoy ur daily yt videos, u are very good at entertaining pp and i always have fun watching your videos, so thank you and keep up the good work!

  6. Good… F magnus…. hopefully he quits and Hans is the first to make it to 2900!

  7. Don't tell me what to do, I'm gonna watch it twice

  8. tbh if i was a flower i'd like to be a sunflower so i'd be famous amongst highschool girls

  9. He sacrafices his rook Or he sacrafices… THE ROOK!

  10. Magnus is invincible, losing two games is nothing for him, he will rise up , levy you bozo

  11. fine I'll stick around and watch the rest of the video

  12. Y'know until you pointed it out, I always thought your "water flower vase" was just a wine decanter you decided to use as a water glass

  13. Magnus surely have lost something seriously important in his life, that's why he's burned out.

  14. I would take you up on that deal, but i actually dont play chess at all, i just click on your videos to hear you being petty

  15. title "the end of magnus carlsen" Not in the business of overreacting eh? 😉

  16. Bro is one step away from reaching 2.5 million subscribers
    Now that's insane

  17. LEVY PLEASE FIX THE CHESS COLOR OF THE PIECES UNDER THEIR NAMES…. Not the first video where it's like this. It's confusing.

  18. The free samples are amazing! They basically are courses themselves.

  19. The 'end of magnus' has occured so many times it's hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  20. 5/10 stare kinda mid could have been a good 5 seconds longer

  21. While he was rambling on at the intro I watched the entire game on another channel 🙂

  22. BROO, YOURE SAYING BEERSSEN WRONG ASWELL. You pronounce the double e the same as the i in historic.

    Eline Roebers is close enough (just accent difference)

  23. Magnus has a lawsuit going on and seems to be bored chesswise. He was a solid Player but know he tries to sacrifice all the time it seems

  24. did he just…drink the flower water?

  25. 4:48 Levy missed the entire point of the bishop move. After knight d4 Black sacrifice the queen with knight takes d4. And if black takes the queen black has a mate in a few moves

  26. sorry mate but u absolutely butchered the pronunciation of riyadh lmao. the h is silend its just riyad but I appreciate the attempt nevertheless. also I checked out your courses and actually came in pretty handy so thanks for that

  27. Sticking around till the end was worth it, what a game! 🤯

  28. This was bound to happen. Now computers are being more and more powerful. One day computers will be able to play better chess than the best players in the world, probably not in our lifetime though.

  29. 'Beerdsen at least I can say' – Continues to butcher the name 😀

  30. already got the course:) My daughter bought it for me. Great so far.

  31. omg i clicked on this video again becouse i think he changed the title lmao

  32. He tried not to say THE ROOK but he eventually said it 😂😂

  33. Man, your videos are very good. I watch every video you upload.

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