The End Of Magnus Carlsen?

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  1. All Magnus needs is a haircut and someone to tell him no to be so eccentric when playing top players

  2. Why would I take levy’s free course when I haven’t even used my paid course 🤔

  3. If I could be any flower I’d be a sunflower 🌻

  4. I clicked on the link for your lesson. But i have to sign up for some site. Not happening dude.

  5. Magnus just was replaced by Aliens. They wanted to live his life, but in chess they are really bad.

  6. That's what happens when Magnus gets bored of Classical chess.

    He literally just goes absolutely crazy every game to keep himself entertained and get ego boost it seems.

    That will just result in him losing even more games.
    It's not that he isnt the best at chess anymore. It's just that he is becoming impatient and disrespects his opponents too much.

  7. Even though she lost, Eline is one of my favourite players now. She's playing way above her level and every game has been crazy fun to watch

  8. challange me, i will destory anyone

  9. Giving away free middle game material, what's the trap Levi 😂

  10. Magnus still has a long way to go until he is the greatest of all time. Say he is actually on a decline it shows how ridiculous Garry Kasparov is. Being number 1 for 21 years. As well as a whole host of other world records.

  11. Hey Levy, longtime viewer and fan. Your courses look fantastic, and I really appreciate you giving the free chapters so we can get a taste of what they are like. One thing I hope you'll consider is selling the individual chapters or maybe more condensed versions of the courses for a lower price as the full price for some of them is quite steep for just a hobbyist. I think this (in addition to the sales that you already have) might let more of us get into your courses and improve our game!

  12. Dude's been playing and winning since childhood. The pressure of being the best in the world must get to him eventually. Let him live life a little!

  13. give props to the young star, Nodirbek

  14. i was planning to watch the whole vid anyway 😉

  15. I wish you did not use click-bait titles to attract views. You can still get views based purely on quality content. In the long run, these titles don't help anyone, not even you.

  16. POV: Tabatabaei's Knights are being complete Bozos

  17. i don't have enough money to buy the middlegame course, i've already bought the intermediaire chess, the caro-kann, and the beginner chess course xD. all of these are great courses to anyone reading this comment 🙂

  18. Abdusattorov, I am proud of you and also I am proud that you are from Uzbekista 🔥🔥🔥

  19. You know what, just because you were super authentic
    Will check out that course

  20. Don’t do this Tom Brady stuff, where the obvious GOAT loses a couple of games means something significant. He just won a tournament playing almost perfectly. Magnus is the only player who chooses to play and use lines that have not been broken down, that can lead to him losing it happens. Most importantly, he is not worried about losing anymore, he is trying to do something bigger like change chess

  21. Magnus loses 2 games in a row- anomaly

    Me wins 2 games in a row- anomaly

  22. that last game is like my games: I play so aggressively that I win after being -7 according to the engine

  23. So, guy loses two games and he is done? Funny joke… you are.

  24. Stupid title … honestly stop this …I unsubscribe

  25. Did he really open the video by saying that he will give us what we want and in return he will give us a free corce

  26. I’d be a rose, bc roses are cool. Thank you for asking, Levy.

  27. I’m new to chess so I doubt I understand, but if Magnus played queen h4 at 7:14 would it not have given him a better shot? Cause if Nordirbek took the trade magnus would win the game. (He likely wouldn’t trade but it still would have put Magnus in a better position no?). If someone could explain that’d be great.

  28. Ever since the incident with Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann I have been following chess. As a long time Magic player I have found the whole thing interesting in terms of how both chess players and the chess community simply LOOK at information, let alone leverage that information. I used to not care about chess because of my preference to hidden information (which chess lacks). Since then, I have found new value in chess in spite of perfect information. Regardless…

    I think something subtle is happening with Magnus that began with or just before this controversy based on this perspective to information.

    To explain: in ANY game there is a relationship between a player's knowledge and their actual in-game decisions. When you know nothing you MAY do ANYTHING. This includes accidentally making high level moves. Only when you start learning what you're doing are you actually limited. This is why new players have "beginner's luck." It's not luck at all; it is freedom. This relationship is called META LEVEL KNOWLEDGE (I have also heard it called "K-Level Knowledge"). Without knowledge you have no limits. With knowledge you are limited by your knowledge.

    In summary: New players can do anything. Newly learning players can do very few things. Experienced players can do more and more ONLY as they expand their knowledge, because they fear moves they do not understand.

    How does this compare to Magnus? As we all know Magnus has dedicated his life to chess, more or less. His knowledge is exceptional. He works to expand this knowledge regularly. One might say he knows more about chess than any other human. That is great, but while he may know chess, he does not necessarily know broader game theory. Not to insult Magnus or anything–he is exceptional–but I believe he is beginning to make a classic meta level knowledge error. It in fact may be occurring because he is beginning to learn about broader game theory.

    What I think is happening: he is making moves based on what he assumes is his opponent's knowledge. What I'm saying is that chess the game itself has perfect information, the playing of chess does not. There is one special piece of information that each player in chess will never have access to: what their opponent both knows and does not know.

    So far my perception about information in chess is that one's own knowledge about what the best move is, is fundamentally the more powerful strategy. At least, according to chess theory. It is demonstrated by the work put into analyzing openings, middle games, and end games. It is demonstrated in this video when talking about the "last 7 or less pieces" being "solved." It is also demonstrated in Levy's video series on playing games at different ELOs (Chess Steps series).

    He is no longer trying to make the best moves. He is trying to make the best moves in relation to his opponent's knowledge (which he cannot know). If I am right, then his knowledge about game theory is starting to expand beyond chess, and it is beginning to limit his game play decisions UNTIL his knowledge expands adequately. He once had freedom, and now he has a limiter.

    The ultimate irony in this matter is his accusations about Hans Niemann. The entire debacle relies on the idea that Magnus has knowledge that only he can have. That only he can make certain moves because only he has the knowledge of them (this was my tip into him making moves based on his opponent's assumed knowledge). However, the reality is that ANYONE can make ANY move if they do not limit themselves, much like a new player or any player who is capable of learning VERY quickly (see: Hans Niemann–even if he does cheat, he uses it to LEARN). If it seems like Hans does not quite understand chess the same way as others, that may actually be a massive advantage because it doesn't limit his understanding of chess EVEN IF HE DOES CHEAT ONLINE. I don't know or care if Hans actually cheats over the board, but the reality is that Magnus intentionally made questionable moves to try to prove something he is only beginning to understand and it is causing him losses.

    TL;DR: Magnus is exploring a new type of decision making he does not yet fully understand. Where he once had freedom to make the best moves, he has begun to take risks on moves based on unknowable information about his opponent's knowledge. That's my theory anyway.

  29. wow. he just got world champion. u have either a bad memory ore you just click baiting. idiot!

  30. 5:49 im dumb why cant you take the knight here its chek and it dosent make sense to me why you cant

  31. All this shows is it takes constant maximal effort to stay at the top. Ever since Magnus said he's no longer playing for world champion in classical I don't believe he's given his very best to chess anymore. It's interesting to see how soon he's starting to lose his edge but this is just what we should expect and shouldn't judge him harshly for.

  32. Why everyone focuses on just his 2 lost games? What about the other 10,000+ wins?

  33. So true levy, amazing restrain on not yelling the rook there

  34. ily levy! dont let the haters get to you ❤.

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