THE COIN | a Ridiculous Chess Variant Lena Georgescu vs. Tal

Excuse me for all the background noise and the fun interruption in the middle. We were playing in the lobby of the Boulevard hotel during the free day in the Olympiad. One day I’ll learn how to edit and remove some distracting sounds.
Let me know In the comments if you want to see more of this chess variant.

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“Tal’s games are an unlimited source of inspiration for me”- Bobby Fischer

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  1. Please always with Lena Georgescu

  2. I'm not sure if you edit out background noise but maybe if you get a mic and attach to your shirt or something it would be better

  3. so the point is that u cant move where the coin is placed?

  4. nice draw at the end! also, its a very interesting concept having an additional piece(in this case, a coin) that emulates the moves of the entire chess pieces, because it adds more difficulties to both players. Keep up the great work!! 😁😁

  5. @09:54 black can force mate in 2! First Qc1+ (a double check in coin chess), moving the coin to f3, and if anything captures the queen then Na6# !

    Really nice game. More coin chess!

  6. 15:40 Rf8+ forces mate(?) for white coin goes to d7. Kxf8 coin takes e7 (or is it illegal to capture your own piece with the coin?), and any diagonal move takes out the king

  7. I tried to look this up and the best I found was "shadow chess" which seems similar… except in that, the coin can't capture, not to mention jumping over pieces (which it also can't do). If you allow the coin to capture it seems much more intense calculation-wise, but it also seems like it'd be more easily solvable to me. The variant I was reading about seems weirdly restrictive, making it very hard to attack in any way, but you've completely turned it on its head to be insane!

    As for your 1-Euro betting suggestion, I wonder how much damage could be done if that was done with a backgammon doubling cube…

  8. Is chess a game that really needs a variant? I feel like I see these variations a lot at local tournaments in the hotel lobby by all the grade school kids.

  9. We used to love hand&brain in Iceland…but I see this taking over as the next drinking game 🙂 Love your videos Tal….I've seen you in Baku and in the airport and felt like I've known you and almost said "hi" like I knew you but then I quickly realized that of course you've never seen me so that would be silly 😉

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