The Best Piece In All Of Chess

What’s the best piece in chess? It’s not what you think.

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This video includes Chess Memes also.

This video is a joke and should not be taken seriously

This video tries to be educational while being funny.
I make these videos to entertain while learning chess with you.

While I am not sacrificing the rook like GothamChess, female like Anna Cramling or BotezLive, cheeky like Frank, smart as Chessscape, making memes like Top Chess, rapping like Bobby BoJanlle, or as good as Hikaru or Magnus Carlsen, I still try to be entertain and join me on my journey on becoming a “good” chess player while I make entertaining videos trying to learn the game of chess

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  1. bro these are fan made make a real vid of saying the real most important piece

  2. If you have the knight piece fused with the queen

    As soon as the game starts it's already checkmate LOL

  3. Queen with a nucearl bomb with a power of a supernova

  4. Let me guess the grasshoppers, is mexican

    Btw I’m Mexican

  5. Bro said the King is a powerful piece when it is actually the most vulnerable 💀💀💀💀💀

  6. Bro those are not real chess piece there is
    Only knight,pawn,bishop,king,rook and queen

  7. The bishop, coz it's always blocking the mate

  8. Duck Chess

  9. Oh so I wonder chess didn't update since the 18 thousands

  10. The frog checker : A frog that can move 3 squares in one direction and can check in any direction

  11. Chessboard: most powerful piece

    Powers: can move like the queen horse king and pawn
    Ultimate ability: flips the whole game and makes you win

  12. Hmmm….the most powerful piece would be "the GOD Pawn" ….just like a pawn but it cannot be taken.

  13. bro what the fuck the pieces u are saying does not even exiets😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. The name of the Pegasus should change in Joker, because can move like all piece of chess and you can get It by the transformation of a pawn reaching the opposite part of the chessboard. The Joker in cards classic games do the same thing: can replace any type of figure, so this name is so accurate.

  15. also amazon czn move in all squeres in 5×5 grid from piece + rook and bishop

  16. What's a piece you would want to be in chess?

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