The Best Chess Variant You’ve Never Heard Of…

This is the best chess variant that you’ve never heard. Pawns can turn into knights, knights can move like queens, and you can even swap your queen with your opponent’s queen. This variant is called anichess and its basically spell chess on steroids. And I want to become the best in the world at this variant.

Also technically I’m sponsored by them, but I think this variant is cool even though I am being paid.

Anichess is a new chess variant. It is similar to’s spell chess except that there are 10 spells in total and they are way cooler than’s spells. Pieces can move like queens. Pawns can turn into knights. You can even sac one of your own pieces to destroy your opponent’s piece for checkmate. 🙂

Play Anichess:

00:16 All Spells Explained
00:50 Magnus Plays Spell Chess 😐
01:25 Top 7 Anichess Puzzles
01:49 som quool puszle eye thinc
02:32 third puzzle, music is cool
02:52 spells are cool
03:13 fifth one is the charm
03:49 brutal pawn mate
04:13 brutha what is that…
05:02 How to Play Anichess

Please ignore: Check out my other videos, where I play crazy rook sacrifices like gothamchess, and play chess like gm hikaru, the botez sisters, frank-is-here and even magnus carlsen.

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  1. looks like all the people complaining about the lack of chess 2.0 might finally get their wish.

  2. I thought you misspeled "Antichess" at first lol

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