Tennison Gambit Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Variation


Are you tired of your chess opponents threatening thermonuclear war? This tutorial on the Tennison Gambit in chess will explain how to counter your opponent by effectively using intercontinental ballistic missiles in your chess game to trick your opponent. The strategy is viable for players of all levels including beginners and will work on chess players of all ELO ratings.

Footage provided by Military Archive


  1. The indian name and accent is spot on correct😂❤

  2. The best move for black would be to respond with Iranian defence: Bin Laden's variation III.

  3. Totally logic finally someone who understands the chess rules but me I prefer use s400 missiles

  4. 𝙍𝘼𝙉𝘿𝙊𝙈 𝙐𝙎𝙀𝙍 who has 1.0×10¹ subs says:

    Your name is "Vikram Rahul Abhishek Pranav Rajesh"? Bruh wtf 😭💀

  5. I can't believe no one has pointed out that the board is wrong, the pieces are in the correct spot in relation to each other but not on the board as a whole, white queen always starts on a white square and black queen always starts on a black square, d1 should be a white square

  6. video 1 of commenting gas station on every unique video I see

  7. Bro took the defeat personally

  8. Since I was in high school, I have never paid so much attention to a game of chess, if I were president of the united states, I would consider playing this strategy against vladimir putin, then we will begin the third installment, long awaited by all.

  9. Hate to be that guy but the gambit falls short, the king isn’t forced to take that bishop, he could’ve moved diagonal right and avoided him for that turn

  10. I played this against someone, and he was so embarassed he abandoned the game and never logged back on!

  11. whoever came up with that name had fuck all else to do while naming it

  12. next time i use this i might upgrade the ballistic missile to, not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 not 8 not 9 not 10 not 11 but FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND pencil launchers because i dont have the funding for this extreme frontal attack, but my pencils will work as a distraction so i can get the funding for the ballistic missile. so it seems i cant buy a missile with 10 dollars so i will buy a Caboom MK-2 POW Grenade to burn the tounge of the enemy and then slap them in the face multiple times while lighting the table on fire, the fire will make my pawns move up all simultaneously at the same time, if anyone has gotten this far reading this whole thing great job, next i break the opponents arm to gain a tactical advantage called, dual wield, allowing me to buy two more Caboom MK-2 POW Grenades and throw them at the same time creating a giant spice explosion making even the core of the earth heat up from the heat of this battle, but that little heat blew up the earth and now im drifting through space with my discounted oxygen tanks….. wait a minute this isnt oxygen this is evaporated pis-. (TO BE CONTINUED……….NEVER)

  13. Thanks bud, I won the race by running through

  14. Tried this many times and it works too good strategy

  15. idc about chess strategy i just like the pawns shaped like Bacteriophages

  16. We all thought he was referring to the queen on queen cross board attack with his ballistic missile references until bro actually pulled a real one out

  17. Not a very good opening. Once they fall for this once they never fall for it again

  18. Has anybody noticed that the board was wrong? I mean d4 is a light square. and anything about the color of the board is wrong

  19. Ridiculous! Don't listen to this fraud, the board is upside down!

  20. Today it happened!! I opened normally, and suddenly he answered with the Scandinavian defense… I knew what to do. I did the steps and was able to send the Intercontinental Balistic Missile into enemy territory. It was a succes and after a couple more turns he actually forfeited

  21. icbm are not anti tank. they are anti everything in a 10 mile radius lol

  22. this gambit is the best I used it on my first chess game and blew up the building and won so thank you, you have made me better at chess

  23. i pulled some epic intercontinental ballistic missle in chess too. and most of the time, the missle lands just perfectly, it destroys my opponents morale

  24. Unexpected turn if I do say so myself

  25. How did this go from playing chess to launching missiles from the army to kill the player and the opponent

  26. Did anyone else notice that the colors of the squares were switched? But ather than that great video!!!

  27. This is so good I even used it to beat a country

  28. This video would've been much funnier if the missile was launched as a counter attack after black's first move.

  29. next time when we go to war, lets bring a chess set and ask the general to play with us. then play the tennison intercontinental ballistic nuclear warhead missile gambil

  30. I used this for actual chess tactics, putting the king in a checkmate, allowing me to have optimum accuracy when shooting my thermonuclear ICBM

  31. Now you will never know what got this comment 0 likes

  32. This mistake happens at all skill levels. Ive faced my dog and my uncle, and both have been countered using this. Its their fault for being within 2000km of my missile silo.

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