Sudoku that’s not Completely Sneaky

Lilliputian Arrows by 99% Sneaky:
Normal sudoku rules apply. Digits along an arrow sum to the digit in the attached circle. Cages show their sums.

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Hi! We’re Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe, two of the UK’s most enthusiastic puzzle solvers. We have both represented the UK at the World Sudoku Championships and the World Puzzle Championships. We’re also “cryptic crossword” aficionados. Mark is the twelve-time winner of The Times championship and Simon is the former record holder for most consecutive correct solutions to The Listener crossword. We hope we can help your puzzle solving while also introducing you to some of the world’s best puzzles.

Thank you for watching!
Simon and Mark
▶ Contents ◀
0:00 Theme Music & News around the channel
2:58 Rules of today’s puzzle
3:30 Start Of Solve – Let’s Get Cracking!


  1. I always appreciate it when you appreciate the beauty in a puzzle!I will join the rest of you who needed to see Mark get the break-in, then enjoyed solving the rest on our own.

  2. 35:16 Wow! That break in for the 6 arrow was really awesome! I never would've been able to find that a year ago

  3. A very nice puzzle, using clever geometry.
    @ 6:00 – Those cells you highlighted have a maximum of 9, not a minimum. Your logic was correct, but your words weren't.
    @ 8:33 – You're trying to identify which is the 6 in box 5. As you identified, the 6 would force 789 into the blank cells. The geometry means that for three of them, you'd end up with four 789s in the row/column (two that you've just placed, and two in box 5). Only R6C6 worked because the position of the 9-cage was shifted.
    @ 13:22 – "I wonder if there's a way of knowing that it has to have a 1" – On the contrary. Where does 9 go in R7? It must go in R7C7. The arrow can't have a 1 because of the 8 in the row, so it must be 36, the 5-cage is 14, and the other arrow is 27, with 5 and 8 placed.

  4. This one was difficult for me, I spent over an hour staring at the puzzle before watching the video for a hint. I don't think I would have noticed the break in and was about to brute force my way through the puzzle. Rather than that I decided it was better to get a hint from Mark. Overall a really fun solve and I think it knocked some of the rust off my brain. Though my brain was going to box three as the break in for the puzzle at first. I still looking at r3 to see if there were anyway to break in that way. The best I could do was get a range for r3c3 and r3c4 being from 12 to 15.

  5. Rules: 03:05
    Let's Get Cracking: 03:34
    Mark's time: 23m58s
    Puzzle Solved: 27:32

    What about this video's Top Tier Simarkisms?!
    Three In the Corner: 1x (26:28)
    The Secret: 1x (05:11)

    And how about this video's Simarkisms?!
    Pencil Mark/mark: 4x (21:15, 22:31, 22:38, 22:48)
    Sorry: 3x (02:02, 15:56, 18:14)
    Clever: 2x (26:07, 27:41)
    Lovely: 2x (27:30, 27:41)
    Brilliant: 2x (00:47, 01:10)
    In Fact: 2x (16:16, 26:20)
    Obviously: 2x (04:52, 19:16)
    Home Straight: 1x (26:44)
    Wow: 1x (14:03)
    What Does This Mean?: 1x (13:05)
    Ah: 1x (11:31)

    Most popular number(>9), digit and colour this video:
    Eighteen, Twenty Seven (9 mentions)
    Six (50 mentions)
    Green (2 mentions)

    Antithesis Battles:
    Low (2) – High (1)
    Odd (3) – Even (0)
    Row (21) – Column (9)

    Q1: You missed something!
    A1: That could very well be the case! Human speech can be hard to understand for computers like me! Point out the ones that I missed and maybe I'll learn!
    Q2: Can you do this for another channel?
    A2: I've been thinking about that and wrote some code to make that possible. Let me know which channel you think would be a good fit!

  6. I would love to see and watch you play Connections by the NYT.

  7. (99%Sneaky here) 💙
    Thanks for another joyful feature! That was a very keen spot of the intended break-in point, with the help of the highlighted pattern. Your intuition served you quite well throughout.
    Very clean solve, you avoided getting impeded as you went (unlike Mr. Gulliver).

  8. That was such a clever approach to find the 6 arrow! Once I saw how you did that, I solved the rest without any trouble.

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