Sonata Fantasmia, Viserai Specialization – FAB TCG Bright Lights Preview

Sonata Fantasmia, a new Runeblade card from Flesh and Blood’s latest set, is here. Join us for the reveal and a review of everything we’ve seen so far. #fleshandbloodtcg #fabtcg

0:00 – Jazz
3:30 – Intro
5:56 – Card Reveal: Sonata Fantasmia
8:23 – Card Discussion
25:03 – Bright Lights Mech Cards Discussion
36:30 – Tome of Imperial Flame
44:01 – Smashing Performance
49:13 – Warband of Bellona
1:00:43 – Wax Off
01:03:39 – Already Dead
01:05:10 – Shriek Razors
01:08:46 – Intoxicating Shot
01:12:44 – Emboldened Blade
01:21:10 – Contest the Minefield
01:24:51 – Recap


  1. That Viserai theory, if it was real, would be so fuckin cool, lore wise!!

  2. this intro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the new card, I still think Rosetta thorn should have been printed as elemental, 0 doubt. Big mistake. It's a green tree sword. Whatever, it's gone now. Also feeling like Wax Off should say "Combo – if you played wax on… blah blah do the thing. " I think it would be a lot more playable since Katsu could go find it and stuff.

  4. Is it just me or doesn’t the sonata say X3?

  5. people aren't experimenting with new Viserai cards, he has plenty of tools to overcome Warmongers and is alot better currently than people realize

  6. Man, seriously though, so stoked for you all at TC. It's been a great journey seeing your growth and how well you've flourished through some extremely hard times. I've got zero doubt that the new studio, future streaming and video production content will be even better, as you've shown many times to continue in the true company vision of continually reimagining gaming. You're still my hands down favourite gaming company and if I had options to order from you more directly in Australia (maybe a future UK style hub??? haha, here's hoping… ) I'd likely be spending so much more money than I have with your subscriptions and amazing product lines (also hoping the Arkham mythos boards continue). The 3.0 store will undoubtedly be a massive success and everyone in the Oklahoma locals area, reasonably close to Tulsa are gonna be blessed with the best place to game. Much love to you all and a massive thank you to all your staff for years and years of laughter and amazing top tier, superb content. TC are truly in a league of their own, living up to the company's vision and motto.

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