Scrabble with TWENTY BLANKS!

Tired of not bingoing enough? There’s an easy fix: play with 20 blanks! Can I beat a top computer in a bingo-finding rampage? Watch to find out!


  1. Scrabble with 1 less of each non-singleton tile, and instead 24 copies of the S

  2. Hey Mack, had a question that I thought would have an interesting answer.If you had a rack of 7 blanks on the first turn, what word would you bingo with?

  3. I’ve never heard of BAGGING but a GRANNIE is a term coined by former New South Wales Champion George Winter to describe a game in which one player "gets everything" and wins easily. Of course an EARNING should describe a situation where you win despite opponent having everything and a NEARING is a game where you narrowly lose despite your best efforts and (probably) vow never to play the stupid game again!😁

    I agree 13 seems to be on the threshold of bagging vs non-bagging

  4. 3:07 why would Quackle not account for the twenty blanks in the sim? It draws random racks from the bag during the sim, no? So the very high chance of drawing a blank will materialize in the sim.πŸ˜€Really fun video!Edit: I simmed the position in Macondo, with 20 blanks… FLAVAS and FAVISM were basically tied as the top move.Ideas for future variants: the bag is RETAINS 14 times, or the bag is SCRABBLE 12 times

  5. (For 10 qs) Hopefully you don’t run into the problem you had in the big scrabble game where the bot isn’t properly evaluating QQ leaves

  6. 15:35 Drawing 13 or more blanks has probability 13%. To compare, assume X is the number of heads in 20 coin flips, then (approx) P(X>=12) = 25%, P(X>=13) = 13%, and P(X>=14) = 5.8%.

  7. This is such a cool variant!!

    – The bot plays super weird, it misevaluates leaves all over the place due to the different bag and fails to recognize clearly inferior plays like ODEA. At the same time, it will spot ludicrous 9s like ZILLIONTH all over the board, and perfect playfinding is so much stronger with so many more blanks around, so the bot all in all still seems about as much of a challenge as in regular scrabble

    – For humans, blank bingos (and even moreso double-blank bingos) are some of the most time consuming and difficult things to find, so it really puts those skills to the test in a way you don't see too much in regular scrabble

    – Usually a "post-bingo draw" means 7 tiles that are likely to be messy and non-synergistic, but here you could just keep drawing into bingos and play even 5 or more in a row quite plausibly since you will just keep drawing into more blanks most of the time.

    These things together all made it really really fun to watch, would love to see more games! Props to whoever suggested this

  8. For future reference, the bag types are stored in Program Files -> Quackle -> data -> alphabets, so you can make a copy of the english one and modify it as you see fit with your preferred text editor, and it should show up in the list when you restart Quackle.

  9. Missing a bingo can cause anxiety. May I suggest… DIAZEPAM.

  10. Imagine having a rack full of seven straight blanks. easiest 50 points of your life.

  11. I've love to see a series where you go through each letter and 5x or 10x how many tiles you have. So first game you have 10 A's, second game you have 5 B's etc… have a 26 part mini series. Also have 50 blanks, but on the massive board with the quadruple word scores involved πŸ˜‚

  12. For the first time I caught a bingo in real time that Mack missed. Tachyons shout out to Egg Inc!!

  13. 10 Qs is going to leave one of you QQ'ing. πŸ™‚ (for those who don't know, QQ represents a crying face)

  14. I saw a bingo that Mack missed and I only had to watch 47 of his videos to do it

  15. Also saw Tachyons, first time catching one Mac missed. I think I only know that word because of the Death Grips song lol

  16. Scrabble but the Es and the As are replaces with Us, Os, Is, and Ys.

  17. I'm genuinely surprised TrASHCaN is not good. That's probably what I would have tried lol.

  18. Here's an idea: replace half of the vowels (rounded up) with Ys, so you have 4 As, 6 Es, 4 Is, 4 Os, 2 Us, and 24 Ys.

  19. This reminded me of a duplicate variant called "Blank/joker duplicate" where you start with a blank and, everytime you use it, you replace it with the corresponding letter from the bag and keep the blank in your rack. (If the letter doesn't exist in the bag anymore pick the other blank.) This way you have a guaranteed blank in your rack until the endgame. And it's duplicate so there's no "blocking your opponent". In this gamemode it's common to reach 1000+ (ssometimes even 1200+) totals.

  20. Mack, I really enjoyed your Hasty Bot series. felt the computer threw too many games away in the endgame though with obvious mistakes. could you go another series vs a different engine that plays stronger endgames?

  21. Hey GM! You have the going second rack of ELSSRV? Your opponent opens with QU?CK with the Q on the DLS. Depending on what he calls the blank, what is your best play?

  22. Here's an idea for a crazy variant:

    200 tiles (basically a double bag) but two extra rings on the board for a 19×19 playing surface. The extra rings have no premium squares and any tile placed in that area scores negative. In the first extra ring, tiles score minus face value, while in the outer ring, tiles score minus 2x face value. Negative play scores are possible. A bingo played partially or fully in the outer rings still gets the +50 bonus, but starting with the reduced score and might have a total value of less than 50.

    For another wrinkle, tiles to be changed don't go back into the bag, but instead are placed face-down, anywhere in the outer ring as blocked squares. Each tile played like this costs the player three points, but may have strategic advantages as the opponent doesn't know what tiles have been burned in this way. The players must decide in advance whether exchanged tiles must all be placed on adjacent squares.

    Obviously, you're not going to be able to do this using a standard online program, so it would probably have to be two people playing "over the board" with physical tiles.

  23. (Haven't watched the video yet, but) I'm so excited for this! I've thought about different tile set modifications a lot, and adding loads of blanks has always been one I've wanted to try!

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