Samay Raina’s new Chess Variant – SHOCKS Adhiban And Opponent

Samay Raina comes up with a new over-the-board chess variant and instantly experiments it with a player while seeking help from Adhiban to call out the names of the pieces during the game. MERCH ➡
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  1. 3:45 the crazy thing is that adhiban still found a brillancy 😂😂

  2. Nice video. I post the same video on my youtube channel before 😂

  3. Feeling sad for other players…. They just want to play some chess 😌

  4. Opponent ya event ke baare mein bhi kuchh likh dete. Title nahi toh description mein hi sahi.

  5. Kaafi lame variant lol but still the people are fun ngl..

  6. ye kanyaein Konse gaav ki h, badi sunder prateet hoti hai

  7. Legends know about the invention of this variant on twitch

  8. Simping for the opponent….uwu😌😚🥰❣️

  9. with who he is playing wbt just curious and looking for her insta 🙂

  10. who is that over-enthusiastic kid beside them OMGF so cringe

  11. His opponent is Lilia Ivonne
    Thank me later boys 😂

  12. I am amazed that they both still have 30+ accuracy😂… send this game to Levy's Guess The Elo

  13. Players sitting side to them r more interested in their game than their own game ….😁

  14. So no one is talking about how beautiful she is

  15. This variant is actually seems to be the extended version of Dice Chess

  16. Meanwhile the bar – Idhar chala mai udhar chala… 😂

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