The queen is an orthodox chess piece. It moves like a bishop and rook combined. The chancellor is an unorthodox chess piece. It moves like a knight and rook combined.

Websites/programs/apps used to make the video: chess.com and CapCut.

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  1. It can checkmate if there's a king around.

  2. I would say it depends, if your attacking I would go with the queen but if you were developing or mating I would say chancellor

  3. ngl, i think this is broken in the sense that it's Over powered. controlling the center with this piece (which doesn't seem to be a problem) is basically a win con in itself.

    with the amount of squares you control plus being able to take through units (literally able to just ignore defences), in the mid to late game you would just be picking off piece by piece until they barely have anything left.
    good defence, remarkable offence with the added elusiveness because of its unorthodox square control. I think this is better than the queen,not in a heads on battle but in the game as a whole.

  4. If supercell introduces this card in chess, iam going to be so angry.

  5. What about a piece
    Rook + knight + bishop

  6. Will this chancellor also going to take over Poland?

  7. this feels like one of those modded Plants Vs Zombies 2 videos, brings back nostalgia

  8. This channel is veryyyyyyyyyyyyy good for review!!!!!!!!!!!! it describes them both accurate and doesnt take one side. WHAT A GOOD CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  9. a piece that can checkmate by itself is already over powered.

  10. Chancellor seems kinda awkward to move around. It could have situation use, but ultimately knights are their whole own thing and even tho they are my favourite piece, their moves can't really combo with others that well

  11. and then there's the Pope, who is a rook, bishop, and knight combined

  12. So, this is chess in the alternate universe where German won.

  13. bishops are slightly more powerful then knights so queen is better

  14. This is my first time hearing of fairy pieces, thank you for this week's Saturday rabbit hole

  15. Head of the Queen squad: In the name of the Republic of Chess, you're under arrest, Chancellor.
    Chancellor: Are you threatening me, Queen?
    Head of the Queen squad: The King will decide your fate.
    Chancellor (newking?? real%100): I am The 'King'.
    Head of the Queen squad: 'Not yet'.
    'Chancellor': It's treason then.

  16. Queen is not just bishop coz itโ€™s light and dark squares

  17. King can be put in check
    Pawn can promote
    Calvary (Pawn + Knight) canโ€™t promote
    Spearman (Pawn + Bishop) canโ€™t promote
    Lancer (Pawn + Rook) canโ€™t promote
    Chancellor (Knight + Rook)
    Emperor (Knight + Bishop)
    Queen (Bishop + Rook)
    Dragon (Knight + Bishop + Rook)
    Amazonian (Knight + Bishop + Rook + King) can be put in check

  18. Did chess 2 just come out? Why is this suddenly recommended to me?

  19. The queen can't force mate by itself either. both can checkmate with the king alone though.

  20. I mean, no pieces can checkmate by themselves, but a rook can checkmate with the help of his king so this chancellor could checkmate "by itself"

  21. Man finally after 1,400 years were getting the update

  22. Chancellor can move like a rook so it indeed can force a mate by itself

  23. How bout moving like rook bishop and knight?

  24. I feel like knights are better bc they can fork which is op and it can checkmate alone

  25. the chancellor could force check mate with the king like the rook mate, and the queen would be easily more powerful due to no space movement limit with the knight counterpart. But still a fun piece to think about.

  26. i heard that some people think knights are slightly better than bishops
    does that mean a chancellor is better than a queen?

  27. I want to also download but how?

  28. Queen better because it can check mate on its own

  29. I think the queen is more powerful since they do really great and is a long range in both horizontal and vertical lines

  30. Queen is better cuz i dont play fairy chess

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