Presenting a revolutionary new chess variant – Chess, but good

In this video, I present a revolutionary new chess variant which I hope will change the game forever.

Some links that may be of interest to you:
The Python script to generate Good Chess boards:
The list of pre-generated Good Chess boards:
My Twitter:

Normally this is where I’d ask if people are able to translate this video, but YouTube’s getting rid of Community Contributions. Maybe tell them that’s a terrible idea?

Table of Contents
0:00 – Introduction
1:06 – Setup
3:30 – Analysis
4:40 – Testimonials
5:29 – Outro/How to Play


  1. It seems more like you created a Chess but RNG

  2. Wouldn't you be able to balance the 1st player advantage by simply following the "Hearthstone example"? In other words, player 2 gets a slight advantage (in Hearthstone, it's an extra coin). Simply let player 2 move 2 pawns on their first turn, and only on their first turn. They can't move any knights/bishops/etc.

    By the end of player 1's second turn, there is now an equal number of pawns moved.

  3. I call this chess but even more complicated

  4. 2:40 and 2:50 really confused me how white was winning while down 14 points of material and about to get mated, then I realised at 2:50 black has a pawn instead of the queen that had the white king in check

  5. maybe a randomized board that's still symmetrical?

  6. you lost me at doing it 100 times i would rather just randomly set up pieces and have fun that way without balance

  7. I tried to do something like this with a friend when I was little but we realized that the black king started in check so we gave up on the idea

  8. Good Chess is certainly not an apt name.
    Chess Randomizer is more like it.

  9. Rocket rollerskate chess: the board is twice as large and every piece but the King goes forward 5 spaces before doing its regular movement.

  10. Chess960 I believe is a better mix as it no longer has the predetermined metas like Chess, but feels pretty even. This would be good for playing with a friend because your difference of skill isn't the only focus so curbstomps aren't the worst anymore since you can still have fun with the new setup. It might be fun to watch people competitively for a short time but because competitive needs a foundation it won't last for long.

  11. I don't have anything of note to say, but I appreciate the push towards those engagement metrics. Even hate comments are good to the all-knowing algorithm.

  12. don't listen to these honerz pimanrules, good chess is the greatest upgrade to chess every since the undefined millenia it was created. It also perfectly meshes the most ancient game with postmodern technology.

  13. I say get rid of the middle-men. I present to you Laissez-Chess: both players use their life savings to buy a chess supercomputer that will play for them. GMs will likely find it more productive to outsource the choosing and maintaining of their computers to independent contractors, and focus on their careers instead to be able to fund more chess matches. But to be a serious contender for a title, you should probably consider bankrolling a top team of hackers to disable the energy grid supporting the other player's servers, while also fielding a couple hundred cybersoldiers to defend your chess compound from direct attacks. Then again, if the opponent simply lobbies the government to ban your crypto coin so that you can't collect farming rent from your digiserfs, you're screwed, there's no way you'll be able to fund the chess effort.

  14. Real talk, why not just do Paper Rock Scissors at the start of chess for who goes first? That plus randomized pieces behind pawns.

  15. i dont think he understood that 'mating eachother' would trigger my terrible humor

  16. I am going to make my chess-loving father hate me.

  17. “If they end up on the same square, or in a place where they’re mating each other”
    I think that’s a bit too hot for youtube

  18. This is the best worst thing I have seen in a long time

  19. The entire tone of this video makes it feel like it should have been made on April 1st to be totally honest.

  20. The computer isn’t always that reliable. GMs can tell when the computer is off and are generally better at analyzing positions than a lot of chess engines.

  21. Those play testers sounded like they were held at gun point, and still couldn't get themselves to approve of this being the superior chess, which I just think is hilarious

  22. You are an idiot who knows nothing about chess and game design and i am angry

  23. Finally, a chess variant for Nate Silver stans

  24. python script was a virus that deleted my stockfish and minecraft DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!

  25. Make it so that the two players play at the same time, like they write their move on a paper, and there you have your balanced chess

  26. I prefer 5D Chess with Multiversal Time Travel.

  27. I really like the simple option of just letting everyone move at the same time. It's a bit hard to do in person but it eliminates 1st turn advantage, and even creates opportunities for interesting plays since you can potentially 'dodge' a piece getting taken if you predict your opponent's move

  28. The game being perfectly balanced (0.0 advantage) in such a complex position just means that there's a forced draw in a couple of moves.

  29. You somehow made chess just as boring as it already was.

  30. So it takes longer to setup than playing it, cool

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