Patch 13.18 Rundown | TFT Horizonbound | Teamfight Tactics

Originally Aired: September 12th, 2023


Outro Song by Defcat:



  1. Bug Issue my renecton3 is gone for all late game Playername Razull2 and game id 6594714401

  2. Woop! Excited for this. Loved the previous half, played more than ever.

  3. Im surprised the darius and aphelios nerfs went through.I guess they either gave up on them being carries or will buff them in the first patch.

  4. I wonder if there is a way to make it so, if you start to have Ixtal units, the first hex that would be activated would appear marked, so it's not necessary to be looking to having them to see where they are.

    Maybe something like "add 1 Ixtal, mark the first hex cell that would be empowered. Add 2 Ixtal, have the first hex cell empowered and the second hex cell just marked" And 3 and 4 would just have both hexes active anyways.

  5. still you need to nerf ROGUES, 5/7 BILGEWATER, AATROX without fcking synergies just deletes board with 3 items, still feels like its early alpha pbe patch bruh

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