Patch 13.18 Rundown | TFT Horizonbound | Teamfight Tactics

Originally Aired: September 12th, 2023


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  1. the patch isn't out til tomorrow i can't play it yet D:

  2. Thanks for the rundown mort! Say hello to the kitty for us 😅

  3. This patch looks like it has akali, don't ask me why tho, I think it's the items

  4. K'sante is a horrible unit. I truly don't understand why he's being kept for the midset

  5. omfg ZERI is going as well?!!?
    man… well i guess i just don't play this set anymore
    gwen and zeri every gam were pretty much the only reason i played this
    i really dont care about any of the other chars esp cus they're all basic skins and boring.. wish i could play the last one with underground and mecha stuff

  6. Cringe dev, didn't sack for stimmy >:( Ps. I love you morde

  7. Excited to hop back into tft. I have been wanting to play but wanted the update and didnt feel like playing pbe.

  8. Hey, about your cat, sneazing fits are a symptom of respiratory inflamation. Mine had that problem and got better after a simple treatment. It may be nothing but worth checking out.

  9. Might be my last time watching mort till set 10, this set is just too generic and isn’t fun.

  10. If I wasn't already subscribed, your cat having one hell of a sneezing fit would have gotten it from me LOL

  11. Why is evenshroud cloak belt, like spark is rod cloak so AP users need to give up a rod or it's able to put on Frontline AP. Evenshroud would have been a cool equivalent at sword armor since it's like the symmetry with AP/Mr and ad/armor

  12. Nashors doesn't stack, as in a second ability cast before timer on buff runs out, or just flat out can only have the 40% buff EVER… like multiple nashors still only grants 40? Its not unique, is the ITEM stackable and functional?

  13. 11:51 I understand the change to prismatics but it does feel bad to hit a larger a max of a vertical and not see the color change. I think maybe if an extra color was added like purple to signify a higher power level (but not prismatic level strength) would be cool and very very satisfying.

  14. A little bit worse everytime, becomes more and more the addictive gambling rng game it was supposed to be since the beginning! Amazing work as usually!

  15. Farewell Yasuo, we could never make it work and you loved to "challenge" my hopes for top 4.

  16. As a quinn main, thank you so much for putting her in!

  17. Thank you and all of the TFT team for all of your amazing work. Here's hoping for a banger final midset to send them off!

  18. Thank you for another great rundown, thank you for all your hard work Mortdog

  19. Does anyone else use the patch rundowns to fall asleep to? Never been a fan of ASMR, but Mort (and Kent, miss him!) put me to sleep, in the best way hahaha

  20. hey, I am a vet schooler. The cat sneezing doesnt sound healthy! Please go check it.

  21. Hi mort just a quick advice for your editing guy, you volume is too low, you should tell him to raise it up by 3-5 Db so it should probably reach the standard of -14/-16 Lufs

  22. Idea to make ixaocan more "fun": make it so you only get the count of other players once you face them or they die, updating To their new one once you face them again, that way if you have 6 and you face an enemy who have stared 5 units you go to 11, next time you face them if they have stared 10 more units since last time you face them (15 in total) you get 10 more stacks, that way the portal will be more like thresh's sanctuary, tho a little bit annoying if there is a guy you never face throughout the game

  23. Im my opinion 6 zain is harder to get than 9 noxious and Shiroma as the emblems are craftable where as Zaun isn’t and is difficult to get because of that and demancia is even harder to get her because of the 9 with two uncrstsble emblems

  24. poor cat stop saying sorry what are you Canadian ?! 😂❤

  25. i love this set was very fun on pbe
    i just dont understand why u chose Silco instead of Le Blanc 😅

  26. Don't worry about the kitty, also bless you to the kitty

  27. Thank you and all the dev for all the hard work!

  28. I was about to buy the BP before play ranked…but then i thought twice and went ranked first…Im ranked plat, in my first (and last) game i just saw the usual braindead recking the game with the Void…oh boy, I was so happy i didnt bought the BP…instead ,,,just uninstalled the game and I will wait to see what kind of crap the worst riot devs will pull next patch to keep the handy caped playing.

  29. u should make brawlers better more hp or a little bit of armor like 5 they are super weak 6 brawlers and whatever

  30. Is it just me or does this patch feels very awfull to play? I mean the damage numbers are total unreal, like my damage counter on the right side cant even register all the damage I do. Some abilities are beyond normal and can just evaporate the entire enemy team in a second. Beneath that: who thought nashors tooth with 40% attack speed boost would be a good idea? this is an incredebly strong item on several champions. Way too strong for my taste. Some units from last patch were buffed into oblivion. Like the guy on the balancing lever had a stroke the moment he tried to adjust the lever nice and gently. And then there is this MF who laughs at the enemy team when you win the round. I mean LoL has a long history of one of the most toxic player bases and the devs thought it would be a good idea to mock the enemy when you win a round? How should teenagers today learn how to win appropriately. Like give the other team a handshake to acknowledge their efforts instead of a loser dance. I know lots of encouraged TFT players will disagree with me, but this is my view as a casual tft player who plays a round tft from day to day.

  31. Still waiting for an in-client tab to look at champ stats, class, and abilities, and item build and augment descriptions. Please rito. So many 3rd party sites that don't even have updated descriptions or incorrect stats.

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