Omicron Chess Variant

Original Anarchy chess reddit post:

This is Omicron chess variant, and i’m playing 15 second chess.You have to be careful because normal openings moves immediately attack the opponents knights with your bishop, giving white a slightly larger advantage than usual, almost a full pawn according to the computer!This craziness was Designed by r/anarchychess member u/stonehearthed and has been spreading uncontrollably since then. This has been especially worrying, because lockdowns have only served to accelerate its propogation.
I am playing this on @lichess, if you would like to try it I have a link in the comments, Click the button ‘continue from here’ to challenge a friend.
Thanks for watching!

Lichess link to play:
Click the button ‘continue from here’ to challenge a friend.

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  1. Its funny because in my country are hay virus called omicron
    Sorry my english

  2. Hmmm… interesting…
    Turns out I don’t know chess

  3. trust me when i tell you lower your dpi on your mouse it will help you be more accurate during mouse scrambles 🙂

  4. White could have captured blacks queen at with the rook when the queen captured the knight 😖

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