Omega Chess – Chess Variants Ep. 597

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  1. I own a copy of Omega Chess. The board goes 0-9 like you said.

  2. I met the guy who invented this in Toronto years ago. He was selling sets. His elo at the time was only 1600's !

  3. Omega Chess has some good ideas, but the pieces aren't on the right squares for a 10×10 game, and the Champion isn't a very intuitive piece. It doesn't feel very Chess like in my opinion. The Wizard is a great piece, but the Champion doesn't feel quite right. It seems like the creator couldn't make up his mind if the Champion should be a major or minor piece. It's kind of in between which makes it confusing. Overall, Omega suffers the most due to its placement of pieces being too influenced by 8×8 Chess. The knight is too far back and cannot keep up with pawns that move 3 squares on their first move. There's a lack of tension at the start of the game.

  4. I thing omegachess update the N too (move 3+2 but with no capture)

  5. Beautiful long game,omega chess yea,for battle of the brain good future…

  6. I owned a copy of this game (and MANY other games including other chess variants) about 5 years ago but when my entire apartment complex and many neighboring buildings were destroyed in a major wildfire that I barely escaped from it was destroyed and I never replaced it. I never had anyone to play with anyway.

  7. Can you make out what the text says when you try illegal moves?

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