My First Ever Game of AUTOMATE CHESS

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In this video, I play a variant called Automate Chess. The variant involves determining my initial setup of pieces and then letting Stockfish do the rest! Try Automate Chess along with other variants:

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  1. 2:32 “you are not as fun as Alexa” @eric Rosen u know that Tim Cook can see your videos too?

  2. Imrosen could’ve placed queen and rook when he only had 13 points left

  3. A “three dimensional rectangle” or “an elongated cube” is called a cuboid.

  4. Well if you would have added more different pieces then maybe the outcome is a winner

  5. I have a feeling that the reason why stockfish doesn't think ahead here is the extremely short time controls. I honestly wouldn't mind having 2 seconds of analysis between each move.

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