My First Ever Game of AUTOMATE CHESS

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In this video, I play a variant called Automate Chess. The variant involves determining my initial setup of pieces and then letting Stockfish do the rest! Try Automate Chess along with other variants:

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  1. Where is lichess lost now I think chess. Com kidnapped it!

  2. This was so calming to watch. Also the first video of this channel that I came by

  3. Puts down 10 pawns in a rectangle “I feel like I’m messing this up”

  4. his structure looks like plants vs. zombies 😂😂

  5. I feel like im just gonna place 10 queens

  6. Opponent: *Strategically thinking out their piece placement*

    Eric: "Siri, whats a three dimensional rectangle?"

  7. But… Is it possible to checkmate with 3 knights and a king?

  8. Eric : That can't be a good strategy
    Also Eric: Has 5 doubled pawns and 7 knights

  9. Guess they don't want people running a Pawnzi scheme

  10. Everyone: chess bots are too powerful, no one can beat them
    Chess bots:

  11. you know youre in trouble if eric says 'oh no my knight'
    but you know hes in deep trouble if he says 'GAHHHH DAHHHH MY KNIGHT'

  12. I always do this
    Me: brain what's the 3 dimensional triangle

    Mouth: pyramid

  13. How the fuck do people watch this guy, he has the most monotone voice I've ever heard

  14. That stockfish is really limited. Normal one playes way better


  16. i love how Eric is easily excited …eg "ohhh i can make a pawn cube"… watching his videos is so much fun

  17. The engines that they use for automate are really bad, make lots of blunders even

  18. This begs the question.. what is the minimum number of knights you can mate with?

  19. Eric describing Siri:
    "You're not as fun as Alexa" 😂 😂 😂

  20. lol for someone so smart it took you awhile to pick up on things in this mode… also 10 pawns, 7 knights and no queen….

  21. Seems really stupid to have the engines play too quickly… they clearly played suboptimally

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